Operatic Duo Singing Merry Christmas to All

Operatic Duo Singing Merry Christmas to All

Why does the whole painting have a grey tone? Is the photograph of the painting underexposed, or did I not apply enough colour pigments? Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

The design is absolutely fabulous. Perhaps you need to take the photograph again and see if there is still a grey tone or not? Set your camera onto auto and take it in natural light.

Thank you so much, Stephen. Please see my later posting.

Hi Yu Ping, I've only just found you work. I think they are magical designs, so delicate and evocative. I think the tones are lovely, so harmonious. I wish I could achieve the same in acrylics and oil because I am 100% hopeless at water colour!. The overall design has so much content I think they would be great to look at on a large scale as well as for cards. It's probably not what's called scraffiti, but I love the marks that look as if they've been scratched through a thick medium. I'm not much of a photographer, but I doubt the dark image problem is to do with your pigments. Using a digital camera, I find that things often come out too light, so I have to switch the flash off. Happy Christmas

Thanks, Art. I truly appreciate that you have taken the time to comment on my work.

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This is my second attempt at incorporating songbirds into a watercolour for greeting cards. The first time the songbirds were supposed to be the stars of the scene, but we barely saw them. This time, I selected two plump winter birds who appear to have good lung capacity. Also, in this piece, I worked on using gouache constructively, rather than simply for correcting mistakes. I am still not completely satisfied, though.

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