Supernova (Death of a Star)

Supernova (Death of a Star)

I like this abstract watercolour.

Thanks, Louise.

Stunning image. Love the whole feeling of it and the colours are so well chosen.

Thank you, Thea, for offering me such lovely comments. In my college days, I learned that overweight (massive) stars have a tendency to implode by themselves due to the imbalance of internal forces. What a splended death!!

Like this idea and the colours are lovely. I am trying abstracts but finding it very hard. Robina

I love this abstract Yu Ping. I know how difficult it is to achieve with watercolour.

Thanks, Beatrice. I know this painting do have an abstract feel, but from the telescope we do see similar image when star imploding...

Thanks, Robina. Do try again. It is a lot of fun and I myself will try again too.

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