A simple painting, accomplished with great skill. Very good.

Thank you so much for your encouragement, Robert. I am still feeling my way.

Welcome to the site, Ping! As you know, this is my absolute favorite because it tells so much of the person that Mama is!

I am so grateful to you, Seok Yam! I will be doing more painting and posting more pictures.

I love this one, she looks so proud, the background is great too. What a catch!!

Thanks, Carole.

What a charming painting. Beautifully painted.

Thank you too, Kirstie. You know I do have a long to go.... I have learned a lot from the wonderful artists like you...

What a marvellous painting. The colours, the simplicity, the feeling - all just right.

So glad that you like this painting. She is indeed a unique person...

This is a Gorgeous painting of your Mama. I love the way you have painted her is this something she does for a living? Or is she just showing off a very fine fish that somebody in you family has caught? You should be very proud either way. Excellent work. I have had a browse through your lovely gallery and had a look at your very clever work. PS I would also like to thank you for your kind comment on my wlork.

Thank you, Jeannette. I am so glad that you like this painting..

I love this. I think it's all been said already, it's so simple but so human and to me it says 'happy'.

It is beautiful on many levels.....

Thanks, ArtKat and Angi for droping by and for the lovely comments....

Hello, I have just visited your gallery and discovered paintings that I have never seen. This Mama is such a lovely, simple painting and beautifully done. It is my favorite.

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