My Suzy

My Suzy

This works well once it's enlarged (try it!). There's a sense of tension and energy in the dog, and she's a highly appealing dog to start with.

Thanks, Robert. You are so right and kind. This was the way Suzy looked at me always, silently and intensely. She died two years ago at the age of seventeen, and I am still mourning her passing.

Suzy has that look of devotion and love on her face, so you captured that so well. I presume she was a Border Collie type, who are renowned for their intense concentration. I am a dog person and losing a dog is so hard. We lost one last February and life is not the same without her. This is a lovely painting and I can see how much you loved her from the expressive way you have painted Suzy.

Thank you so much, Thea, for taking the time to review this painting and give your kind comments. Suzy was indeed a border collie, but with a bit of Dingo mixed in (or so we were told by the person who gave her to us). She was a smart and dedicated working dog and was our best friend throughout her life.

Thanks. Kirstie.

I know how difficult it is to paint a lost friend - am still getting around to doing our cat who died last year aged 21 This is beautiful - the eyes are so strong and like the blues you have used in the black fur

Yes, ' the eyes have it'! You've really captured a special look.

Lovely dog portrait in oils Yu Ping, hope you found another dog to give your love and affection to!

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