Liverpool Panorama

Liverpool Panorama

Just lovely Thea. Serious.

It has the charm that always shines through in your paintings, Thea. The washes are beautiful, as is the palette.

Lovely I could tell it was yours straight away Thea. Delightful

Could be Manhatten! Bright and spontaneous, a nice job !

Very nice Thea o particularly like the foreground washes . Also a lovely open spaciousness to this painting i think this is like some of my stuff where less is more .

I have just put up my first ever painting so I was interested in seeing your watercolour which is so light. I like the red splatters.

Thank you very much Kal, Seok, Dennis, Avril, Dennis and Don for you kind comments. I agree, Avril, it could be Manhatten or even any other big city that is bordered by water. The buildings were too small to be too prescriptive, although the Liver building is there (just!).

Bright fresh washes here Thea, works well.

And the winner is......................................................................................................................................Thea

Agree with Derek! Lovely, spontaneous, clean colours as usual, always a pleasure to look at Thea!

Thank you very much Stephen, Derek (and for you confidence in me - both flattering and appreciated!) and Sarah for such nice comments.

'Ferry cross the Mersey, cos this lands the place I love' ... anyone remember Gerry and the pacemakers? that's what came into my head as soon as I saw this - Lovely painting Thea!

I'm tempted to try the scene know wot I'm like! Your panorama is good, just the right proportions. Good colour as well!

Great stuff, as always. I wonder what Daphne would say ....:-)

Hmmm! Like Louise, tempted.

A lovely sunny and happy painting Thea! I always seem to say happy about your work but that is what I feel when I see them. The colours are so clean and cheerful and the drawings neat and crisp. Love it!

Lovely Thea you must go in for it next year !!!

Thank you very much Debs, Gudrun, DerekS, Satu and Linda for such nice comments. Louise - definitely have a go as I think you would enjoy this one! And Derek - give it a go - would love to see some more interpretations of the scene.

I like this fresh watercolour Thea, really lovely.

Hang on Studio Wall

I had a go at a quick sketch of the panorama of Liverpool, seen from across the Mersey, which was the subject of one of the paintings the contestants on the Big Painting Challenge had to do. Just a bit of fun really, nothing serious.

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