A Pear of Tomatoes

A Pear of Tomatoes

Wow, Thea. This is beautiful. Whatever subject you paint, it is always so lively and colourful. Love it!

Gosh - that was lightening quick, Mia - I'm impressed! Thank you so much for such a nice response. By the way, in case anyone wonders, I haven't got the scale of the tomatoes wrong - they are those whopper beef ones, pinched from Roger's stash he keeps to make his tomato and mozzarella salad.

Haven't been on the gallery for a while, so my apologies for missing your recent postings Thea. You've taken up many challenges, and all well met, especially the 'green' one! I totally agree with Mia, no matter what you attempt, however difficult, you make it full of colour, life and charm.

A gorgeous Thea painting here! You haven't lost your touch at all!!

Lovely shine on those beefy toms and fruit and I like the painting of the patterns on the china! Super, well painted still life.

Hi Fiona, lovely to see you on the gallery again. You've been missed! Thank you very much for your kind comment. Thank you very much Satu and Louise, also for lovely feedback.

Beautifully painted Thea, the fruit stands out really well against the delicate shades of blue. I had a pad of the Fabriano HP pure white paper but have run out, I must get some more it works so well for this kind of painting.

Could only be a Mia - I'm pleased to say!

Stunning painting as always, Fantastic composition and colours

Happy painting. Like lots.

Thank you very much Christine (yes - try the Fabriano Extra White - shows the colours up so well), Michael (think you might have meant Thea - not Mia?), Petra and Sylvia for your very kind comments - much appreciated and serves to give a nice boost to my confidence.

Superb Thea - really like this one.

You still do your fruit very well Thea I love how you have arranged it all and the colours are great

You use only single-pigment colours, I know, and that REALLY works in this painting: the influence of your mentor Charles Reid is also very evident (and all to the good). Lovely delicacy in the drawing - I suspect you didn't use a pencil outline? Clean, well-balanced painting.

Thank you very much Joseph, Betty (yes - I still like painting fruit!) and Robert for such nice comments. Robert, I do try and only use single pigment colours, but I do sneak in the odd one, like indigo, that isn't on occasion. If you use the non-single ones in one layer, I think you can get away with it. I do also use the odd opaque pigment (oxide of chromium for example) and once again, if you use it in one layer, it works ok. To keep the clarify and freshness, I have found that using these single pigments, plus not mixing in a palette (recipe for mud when I do it) and not building up layers of paint, but just going for one hit, tends to work for me. It is the method and technique that CR uses for sure and that is where I learned about it. I did draw the arrangement beforehand and in the original (probably doesn't show up in a photo) the pencil lines are still very evident. I like it that as I feel the drawing is an integral part of the finished work and I even add a bit more pencil work at the end of a painting if I think it needs it.

Love the way you have 'negative' painted the tall bottle, picked it out a treat Thea. A beautiful painting, also love your colours.

Wish I could throw stuff together and come up with a painting like that, Thea! This is gorgeous - glowing, beautifully composed and just brings to life the simple pleasures of home.

I've been trying to concoct a beverage from the various containers you have here Thea - pitcher, cordial bottle, tea mug and cup/saucer, plus a squeeze of lemon and - why not - a dash of Poire William. Delicious and refreshing, just like your composition and its execution. Bravissima!

Hi Thea, I have not been around this site for a while and have just caught up with this lovely still life. Your cupboard did you proud.

This is a lovely painting, Thea. Thank you for your kind remark on my terrible multiple posting fiasco. I forgot the rule, and feel very naughty. Shan't do it again.

Hi Thea i wont put them back on it upsets people buy i will put some on now and again when i paint them . I wish there was a facility to put them all directly into my portfolio.

beautiful work Thea I have also looked at your other art work fab

Absolutely knock-out fantastic! I love all of this work Thea. What talent you have.

Hang on Studio Wall

Sorry about the title - couldn't resist! I haven't done a still life for ages (if you don't count the Ghastly Green one), so am a bit rusty at doing them. I also hadn't much available to paint so just raided the cupboard and the fridge and slung what I found on a table and got painting. (OK, so I did arrange the articles a bit, but not much). Watercolour on Fabriano Artistico Extra White 300lbs.

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