Oh he's a handsome chap....not like my attempt, no bad feather day here! Great mixture of medium a really dynamic piece Thea. I'm already looking for my next victim!

These are getting good now, the stakes are raised, look forward to viewing then next lot of splatters!

Brilliant Thea! The addition of gouache looks really good and the colours are just right. I wonder what will be your next invention?

Isn't that white beautiful a well done piece Thea

Thank you very much Fiona, Glennis (yes, upping the ante all the time!!), Satu, and Dennis for your very kind comments. Although a committed water- colourist, I do love the effect white gouache adds to a painting and have used it to spatter in the past. Just moved that on a bit to use trails of paint instead of spatters and I think I will try this again, perhaps even with different colours. I'm finding all this discovery quite exciting - might need to have a lie down now, lol!

I'd guessed that you had another cunning plan to keep us on our toes and I haven't yet mastered the splattering never mind the straw blowing. As ever when painting, one thing seems to lead to another, you get the idea and off you go. This is partly why I enjoy the site, paintings like this give me ideas and instead of wondering what to do next, I actually can't wait to try an idea out for myself. Not that they all work out, the straw thing certainly didn't and I'll move on quietly from that one! I like the paint effects here and the addition of well placed thick gouache was a bold move which worked.

Thank you, Louise - yes, can't have you slacking off now, can I, lol! I agree that when people come up with new ideas, I can't wait to try them out as well and I feel an excitement that I don't necessary feel when I do my more 'normal' work. I had seen this use of thick gouache before, many years ago, can't remember where and it has stuck in my mind. I think it was on an abstract when I saw it, but I thought it could translate into using it on something more structured, so gave it a go with this cockerel. You did really well with the straw, so don't know why you feel you didn't??

You have made this experiment look fun Thea. I like this very much.

He looks like hes strutting and so he should hes a fine bird Thea . Love loose painting.

'You put your right foot in your right foot out' what a great cockerel doing the Hokey Cokey! Well done Thea gouache looks great, must be like icing a cake, I used Tippex for my hare's glint in his eye( more controllable) 😄

You really are enjoying this and it shows. No stopping you!

Great stuff. At some point I may try some splatter ....

Thank you very much Dorothy, Dennis and Carole for your lovely comments. Carole, doing the white was really messy as I had to try and get the consistency of the paint right and then get it into a plastic bottle with a nozzle so that I could drizzle it where I wanted it. I kept ending up with too much water, not enough water, trying to stir the mixture with a paintbrush that got coated in white gouache - then I was trying to keep the white strictly away from the watercolour paint in case it contaminated it!! It looked a bit like a snowstorm on my working table - but I can't say it wasn't fun.

Thank you very much Avril and Gudrun (they still haven't sorted your name out yet, have they?) for your kind comments. I am enjoying it Avril, and Gudrun do have a go as I think you might find it quite fun.

Just noticed the gouache Thea! It works very well against the indigo (I think!) blue. Lovely!

Thank you very much, Sarah, for your kind comment. The blue is actually Daniel Smith's Indanthrone Blue with some Prussian Blue dropped into it. Then the blues and the orange/red parts of the bird had clean water dropped into them to push the paint about and create backruns and textures. I know most people go to great lengths to avoid backruns, etc but I just love them - I'm probably just a bit weird, lol!

Playing catch up after a very busy few days, really like the look of this chap - 'cock of the North' comes to mind!!!!

Sorry to read your flowers didn't turn out well Thea, I hope you'll give the splatters another go. I had the idea, when doing the butterfly, that you could get a great result trying an Angel Fish design. Unfortunately I won't have time today (oil painting lesson) big puddle of paint blown one way....sounds easy?!Lol. Thank you for your comment on the butterfly, it's a really great challenge you came up with.

Hang on Studio Wall

Another experiment! A mixture of spattering, painting and trailing thick gouache - I rather like the effect but I got in a dreadful mess doing it as I was using a plastic bottle with a nozzle (which kept clogging) and I got the white everywhere! Still - great fun and I am enjoying diversifying.

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