Solemn Tabitha

Solemn Tabitha

Well she does look a solemn little soul here, but as you say I bet she's not - but you've captured a moment in time here for her to treasure forever - excellent!

Thank you very much, Debs, for your kind words. My husband has just seen it for the first time and just looked at it and did that 'Mmmmm' thing, so I now feel a bit crushed. That is exactly why I have a studio out in the garden away from prying eyes LOL!!

This is lovely Thea, someone with your talent shouldn't feel crushed but I know what you mean, my wife is my biggest critic and although she doesn't draw or paint herself she has a truly uncanny knack of pinpointing a problem, it usually takes me a few days before I come to the same conclusion, : )

Nice work Thea.U think we all know the "mmmmmmm" thing.

Such a lovely portrait, Thea! You've really captured the sweet innocence of a young child to perfection. Gorgeous!

Very nice as usual. You are very good at capturing their expressions. She has her serious look here, just before she rushes off to cause chaos! At least your husband mumbles" mmmm". Mine often doesn't notice new paintings despite me propping them up next to the television where I know he'll be sitting. Eventually he'll spot it and say, "is that a new one?" There again, I never ask him about his golf which I'm really not interested in! I suppose that's why we post our work here.!

Thank you very much, Larry, William and Seok for your lovely feedback. William, I think the 'Hmmmm' problem with hubby is that he doesn't care for portraits where part of the head is cut off and prefers the format of the self-portrait I did, whereas I rather like the close up view and feel it makes you really concentrate on the features. Horses for courses I think! Seok, I don't know about innocence! You should see Tabitha when she tries to remove a chunk of her brother's hair!! A force to be reckoned with, but so very full of character.

Thank you, Louise. Having got three grandsons, I am really seeing a difference with a girl - so much more organised and determined that things should be done her way. She is a hoot, though.

You're so brave to take on these children's portraits Thea. I'm daunted by their peachy perfection - not enough shadow to get my teeth (brushes) into! But you do it so very well.

I cannot add more to all the lovely comments you have got so you must be pleased.This is another beautiful portrait .Larry's right the (mmmmm) thing.

Posted by Joy Lee on Fri 24 Jun 12:00:24

She looks like she means business, but in a very angelic kind of way.

There is nothing more to say: I agree with ALL the above comments, Thea. This is again an amazing addition to your wonderful gallery of partraits! I am jealous!

Thank you all very much for your very kind comments. When I am feeling lacking in confidence I come on POL and read the comments and they lift my spirits - so much appreciated.

Another litte beauty, (child and painting) to add to your collection. I know if my husband isn't very impressed when he says it's 'nice'. not a word I find uplifting yet I know he doesn't want to offend!

I think you've captured such depth in this portrait, the eyes are remarkable and you achieve such a sense of form with skillful use of the brush and paint, well done!

Just another beautiful portrait to add to the wonderful collection your grandchildren will treasure when they grow up. Well done Thea!

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Yet another one of my favourite subject, my 20 month old grand-daughter, Tabitha, looking rather solemn here and as if butter wouldn't melt in her mouth. Don't believe a bit of it - she's a demon and beats her 5 year old brother up! Watercolour on Langton 140lbs

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