Guess Who? (One Liner Challenge)

Guess Who?  (One Liner Challenge)

What a naughty boy, I think I would have given him even more hair. " On yer bike."

I was quite pleased with my Boris until I saw yours Thea! A really good likeness and I now understand your comment!

What a super one-liner you have here Thea. He looks strangely attractive as well!

Brilliant one-liner Thea, he looks so angelic!

Thanks for guessing - wasn't that hard, eh? He does look rather angelic, doesn't he Carole. Perhaps he is in real life and is just a poor misunderstood lad, lol!

That is definitely Boris , very good likeness Thea nice work

Thanks, Dennis - I think I gave you all an easy one. Must try to outwit you all somehow... but who to choose......mmmm

Excellent likeness Thea!

Really good likeness Thea!

Fantastic portrait Thea, you are so good with these!

This is brilliant, Thea! The resemblance is unmistakable!

Another great one liner Thea, not hard to guess the subject, really excellent likeness of Boris, like this a lot.

Thanks Fiona, Debs,, Satu, Seok and Graham - got it in one! Actually, it is slightly disconcerting that I seem to do better in my drawing when I am not paying any attention to what my hand is doing. Not sure what that says about me, lol!

You've taken years off him Thea!

There's method is my madness, Frank - I was hoping by flattering him I might get offered the key to the City of London, lol!

Hang on Studio Wall

Not that hard I don't think (sorry it isn't a Victorian, Robert, but give me time....!)

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