Guess Who Challenge - One Liner

Guess Who Challenge - One Liner

Kate, the Duchesse of Cambridge?

And there you were thinking that you hadn't got a good likeness..It's Kate!

Great one-liner, congratulations on the feature in the Magazine

Yes - all right - thought it might be a bit harder though. Obviously not! Thanks Christine - the article looked good and it was nice to see your words and featured drawing there as well - the one-liners took over the gallery page, lol!

Thanks Glennis - it was a surprise when LP wanted to feature the one liners, but then these quirky drawings have given quite a few people a bit of fun on the gallery, haven't they.

I haven't the first glimmerings of a hint of a suggestion of a clue - the trouble is you're all painting people who appear on the tv (which I don't watch) and are contemporarily well-known - and I've hardly taken notice of anyone who has popped his or her head over the parapet in the last 20 years or so, because all those I have noticed, or a fat percentage of them, really ought to be expunged, in some cases violently. (It seems it's Mrs Camrbidge - well, apart from a ghastly portrait unveiled a while ago, I'm hardly aware of her either; so I had no chance with this.) Now look, try painting people I could recognize - Max Miller; Cardinal Manning; William Wilberforce; Hitler..... even Queen Victoria. Surely that's an eclectic mix, offering your creative abilities a wide and searching challenge? Enough of these transitory celebrities who have achieved fame and of whom, of course, I'm IN NO WAY jealous.....

Recognized her immediately! Super work, Thea!

Great one liners . . they get better and better!

Thanks for commenting Robert, Seok and Roger and good guess Seok! Robert I will try to come up with someone suitably steeped in history that you have heard of/can recognise/might be able to guess. How far do I have to go back in history. Being cheeky now, aren't I, lol!

Yep I recognized her too Thea, good one this.

Nice one Thea, I shall have to buy a copy of the magazine !

Victorians, Thea; or just post-war. I'd be good at those.....

Hang on Studio Wall

I've seen quite a few portraits of this young lady and it is obvious that it is hard to get anywhere near a likeness of her. I'm pretty sure I haven't got close, but try a guess......?

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