Guess Who One Liner

Guess Who One Liner

Barbara Streisand?

is she singing 'rain drops keep falling on my head'? lol.

Has to be Barbara Streisand. She has a distinctive profile! Super one-liner, beautifully painted

Yes,mI think the nose gave it away! Very good Thea.

Yep, it is our Barbara. Used to love her when she was at her peak in Funny Girl. Thank you all for having a guess. I think I need to try a harder one as mine are too easy to guess. Perhaps I'll take a leaf out of Satu's book and draw people as the animal they remind me of and see if people can guess who they are!

That nose is unmistakable and you captured the features beautifully, Thea! Lovely work!

Lovely work indeed Thea! What would you like to have from my book, a monkey or a rhino perhaps?

Yes the nose gave it away, still super though!

Thank you Seok, Satu and Debs for having a guess. Yep - the nose was a dead giveaway, wasn't it. I must try and do a harder one that will fox you all, lol!

Saw it straight away, Thea, great.

Excellent likeness!

Hang on Studio Wall

Guess who? Probably made it too easy because my husband got it straight away!

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