Roger - One Liner

Roger - One Liner

Happy chappie - nice piece of work as always.

Thanks Michael - not sure it is as flattering as Roger would have liked though!

I agree a very happy one liner, I am sure Roger is thrilled with it!

Interesting that each of the three portraits drawn in the one liner method all have such happy expressions which probably came about because you had such fun drawing them. I imagine you were smiling when doing this one but I'm not sure whether Roger was smiling when he saw it (that's if he has )..LOL. Another super, spontaneous drawing and I totally understand why you're 'hooked' on these!

Thank you, Louise - I am sure you are right that the ones you enjoy doing come out a bit more joyful than the ones you struggle over. I love these because you never know quite what you have got until you take a look. Roger actually loved it but then he has liked all the one-liners that have been posted as he says he appreciates the vitality of them.

Another nice piece Thea another nice one liner, sure your husband liked it.

This has made me smile - thank you !

Well done - I recognised him from a portrait you posted of him ages ago now!

I recognised him straight away too Thea, love his smile. Many thanks for your comment on that very old painting of mine, one of my first watercolours I think.

He has an infectious smile Thea, it made me smile too. A good quick portrait, all the features in the right place and undeniably yours with your signature splattering!

Thank you so much Graham, Lynne, Debs, Val, Christine and Gudrun for stopping by and leaving such kind comments. It has amazed me how you can construct a portrait just with one pen line. In the past I have fretted over drawing a portrait before painting it - but hopefully no more!

A really really lovely one-liner Thea!!

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So hooked on doing these! I have only done self-portraits this way so far but thought I would have a go at another face, and my husband, Roger, was the victim. Funnily enough, it does have a real look of him in a caricature kind of way. Done with just a couple of glances down (mainly to try and place his glasses), but otherwise done pretty blind - which probably shows, lol!

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