Guess Who? ( A Blind One Liner )

Guess Who? ( A Blind One Liner )

hi thea looks great my guess is Janet Street Porter

Only one I can think of is the awful Andrea Leadsom.

Thank you for the guesses - it was a tricky one for the reasons I said but well done Christine for guessing right - it is Theresa.

This made me smile, Thea....what threw me was the hair colour!

Yes the hair colour threw me too, but I thought the resemblance was there to Theresa Thea.

I think it's a great portrait. So full of energy.

It has caught that comical look a beauty Thea

The photo I used was taken before she became PM so I think her fac wasmore relaxed than it is now. I am sure imminent Brexit will change her e expression as time goes on. I may have another go if her face changes e pression.

Pleased to say that I guessed correctly. A younger look, before she went grey :) You're very good at these blind oneliners Thea!

A lovely vibrant piece, Thea, well done!

Hang on Studio Wall

A little clue - a political figure. This one was quite difficult as the lady in question doesn't have any overt facial characteristics so it was difficult to get a true likeness.

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