My poppy pen pot

My poppy pen pot

It's charming Thea. A delightful, bright little mug. An honest painting of real items..your mug, your pens. I think it's just lovely :)

Thank you very much, Louise for such an encouraging comment. My life has totally fallen apart in the last three months and my art has taken on a new meaning to give purpose to my life. I am so glad I am able to draw and paint - it is excellent therapy.

This is great, Thea. Beautiful strong colours.

A lovely little expressive painting Thea and seeing your reply to Louise's comment makes it all the more poignant..

Thank you Christine i'm sorry I'm not trying to sell a sob story but just trying to explain why my arthas gotten very important to me I really appreciate your sympathy

Such a delightful little drawing Thea! Who would think that a simple mug with some pens in it could create a lovely still life like this. Art is a marvellous therapy!

Thank you very much for Saturday. I admitted to surprise me therapeutic it is to be able to draw and paint when your health is a bit under the weather when your health is a bit under the weather. I really appreciate your comments so thank you

Sorry, that should have said Satu and not Saturday. That's predictive texting for you!

I'm a bit manic ally Lee tidy Kirsty. Mainly because it's the only way I can find things I don't think being tidy make you a better artist that you can I am Thank you for your comments nice to hear from you

So beautiful Thea and yes I understand totally

I love this cheerful little painting of a personal treasure Thea.

It's a gorgeous little piece, Thea - beautiful hues, with the trademark charm you lend to all your paintings. I'm glad art is helping you through this difficult patch and hope to see more of your lovely work. I'm rooting for you!

Pure and honest Thea, a delightful still Life.

I think this is a delightful little still life. If a pot can look happy, this one does.

Hang on Studio Wall

A small still life of my poppy pen pot which is where I store my drawing pens. I am just painting what I can see in front of me because that's an easy way to find a subject.

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