View From My Dog Walking - The Old Post Box

View From My Dog Walking - The Old Post Box

you have made both look very attractive in their own way Thea.

Great job on both of these, I do prefer this one, as it has more character, I like the little splashes of red in the other one. I took a photo of a phone box that was almost totally covered in ivy and Nasturtiums that was still in use.

Posted by K 0 on Sun 26 Jan 15:03:06

Thank you Chris and Kevin. It is not intended as a serious bit of work per se - just a doodle of a detail from an English village - but fun to do all the same. I prefer the Victorian one too.

My favourite too Thea. A brilliant impression of ivy.

Thank you very much Val - yes - progress isn't everything, is it!

This one had heaps of charm and character's lovely.

I thought this was embroidery for a moment Thea! Love the foliage - all acutely and affectionately observed. I can see a picture diary in the making....

Thank you Fiona and Kim for being kind enough to add such nice comments. Kim, I am going to try and do exactly that - sketch scenes from my village. There is a huge variety in the architecture and a beautiful 13C little church, so lots of material. I don't know why I haven't thought of it before! And you are right about the affection for the old postbox (which I obviously don't have for the new one and I think it shows). I didn't realise I felt like that about it until I painted it - curious, eh?

Isn't it interesting just how much we see when we actually look! All this material waiting to be painted on our doorsteps and what a good result. What was just an attractive post box which you'd noticed before but probably not looked too closely at is now in your memory and on paper. Well done Thea!

Lovely old letterbox Thea! As for a picture diary, what a brilliant idea indeed! Very often people don't see anymore what is around them because it has always been there but now when you walk with the sketchbook in your pocket you'll see many interesting and attractive places and objects to paint.

Thank you very much Louise and Satu - I am glad that our old post box is meeting such approval. Wouldn't it be lovely if it was still in use - but that's progress I suppose.

Love all things Victorian so this is right up my street, we have three in Coedpoeth set in old brick walls and a Gold One painted in honour of our Olympic Gold Medalist! I thought they would make a lovely subject to paint and you've proved it Thea!

Lovely. Sad reflection on waste. What was wrong with this one? They look the same size.

This is delightful, Thea! Brings back memories of when we had these in Singapore too. I love your palette here, and the way you rendered the leaves in various cool and warm shades gives the whole painting so much liveliness and charm.

Shame it is neglected, but you have brought it back to life again.

Lovely Thea, it is an old Victorian post box and you have turned it into a work of art with flowers, a lovely refreshing scene

Thank you very much Debs, Gudrun, Seok, Glennis and Ros for adding such nice comments.

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This is the old Victorian postbox in our village, missing it's door now and has leaves inside instead of letters. It is gradually being overtaken by ivy and foliage and looks a bit sad and neglected. However, I love it's character and history and did a quick sketch as I passed on my dog walk and added some colour later. Pen and wash in my sketch book.

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