Cley Windmill

Cley Windmill

A fabulous piece, Thea! I agree with you, it's not quite the same working en plein air, but then again, your paintings are beautiful, whether painted from a photo or en plein air. It's because your interpretation of the subject always bears your unique stamp. Your washes are always luminous and clear, and your palette is always superb. Nothing to complain about, for sure!

Well, you can be very proud of your holiday sketches. They're superb . Well done.

Lovely sketches Thea, a great reminder of you holiday.

oh I definitely agree with all, this is super Thea and how said that it is the last of your holiday sketches, but so lovely to see with your delightful use of colour and form

Thank you so much Seok, Avril, Carole and Ros for really lovely comments. I plan to go back to the same area in September and this time I will park the husband and dog and spend a bit longer with my sketchbook I think. Actually, Roger likes to go off himself as he is a keen photographer, so he doesn't mind me wandering off to sketch. It is the dog who needs to find a consuming hobby to keep her busy while we both pursue our interests! Any suggestions?

Super work once again Thea and I think you have caught that 'on the spot' feel to it. Probably because of your recent outdoor work. I remember having an old Ray Campbell Smith video, in which he stressed the importance of working from life. I did not really take note at the time but now I certainly agree with him.

Thea this is lovely I live in the Creeks and you have caught our County mood very well

Lovely work Thea and such a great way to remember your holidays!

Another lovely fresh painting Thea. The cars you include in your paintings seem to have character too!

I think your painting is lovely and fresh though painted from a photo. I too prefer to paint and sketch from life, but, as you say, it is not always possible to spare the time. Anyway, a lovely watercolour, and I'm glad you included the car, which not only balances the windmill nicely but shows the scene honestly, and not as a piece of nostalgia.

Your pen and wash is coming on a treat. Light, fresh and ...interesting.

Thank you so much Stephen, Jon, Debs, Christine and Colin for such wonderful comments - very much appreciated. Jon, you lucky thing to live in the Creeks. We used to own a holiday house in Great Walsingham and sold it about three years ago. It is a wonderful area and one I am very fond of. We are hoping to go back for a few days in September.

Thank you very much Sylvia. Coming from the mistress of the sketch book, that is praise indeed!

What a lovely old building Thea, compliments the windmill so well. Bright colours and excellent pen work, you're an expert at these pen and washes now.

It is lovely, Thea.

Well as usual I seem to arrive late on the scene, but have to agree with many of the lovely comments here. Your painting is absolutely charming - I particularly like the lovely hues in the building in the centre. A timeless masterpiece.

They have all said it so well Thea so I'll only say that I love your work and this is a fantastic example of it.

I agree with all the above comments and with Satu, Thea. There will always be a difference between an on situ sketch and a studio painting and this is a real beauty. Very well done!!!

Thank you so much Val, Shirley, Frank, Satu and Mia for such generous comments. All the comments have rather surprised me because it is just a simple sketch, but I am very grateful to have all the feedback as it really helps to chart how I have done.

Such lovely detail and fresh

Thank you very much, Glennis - really kind of you.

This is certainly one of my favourites from your holiday Thea. If you hadn't told us about the circumstances of its conception, I'd certainly never have guessed it was any different from the others. They all have an utterly honest and engaging freshness to them. I also like the big sky on this. It makes no difference that it's merely hinted at because it adds a great airy dimension to the whole, encouraging our imaginations to wander past the gables and greenery to the concealed vistas beyond.

Thank you very much, Kim, for your comment which is full of very useful feedback. Glad you thought it was ok!

I really like this one and it is not overworked or lacking in freshness. Also, it is nice to see the Mill from a different view point. Good thinking.

This is lovely Thea ! I will be visiting this area shortly too !

Thank you very much Gudrun and Denise - really nice of you to stop by and leave such nice comments. Hope you have a lovely time, Denise - it is a super place and so many sketching and painting opportunities!

Now I feel guilty that I didn't take my sketch book away with me on holiday but I'll use the excuse that it was too hot to paint and the semi naked sun bathers might not have appreciated me looking closely at them while wielding my paint brushes... 'Oi, what are you looking at?' might have been the cry..LOL. Here's another beauty from your sketch book Thea. The word 'fresh' is used a lot when describing your work for good reason. It is fresh and lively and an interesting, honest view of the scene. Well done!

This is nice I know this place so well I have been to north Norfolk so many times on walking holidays . I love Cley and the salt marshes and all of it .This lovely little painting puts me there very nice thea

Just to say that I passed by here yesterday and

Oops! Pushed wrong button!!! I was going to say that this is a much harder view to paint than the usual one everybody seems to go for. Bravo! For tackling it.

Love your lightness of touch.

Hang on Studio Wall

The last of my sketches from my holiday on the North Norfolk coast. This is a less well known view of the much painted Cley Windmill, which is usually tackled from the view of it from the salt marshes. I thought it was nice to put it in context in the village of Cley for a change. I have had to do this one from a photo as I didn't have time to do it on holiday. I took photos and notes, but I don't think it is really a substitute from sketching while you are actually there. I have tried to be strict about the pace I did it at to replicate doing it on site, but it just isn't the same at home as you have to much time to consider and this, I think, loses some of the freshness. Still, it was the only way I could complete my sketches - so needs must and all that. Pen and wash in my sketchbook. P.S. Best viewed enlarged as for some reason postings on POL seem to go slightly blurry at lower resolutions?

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