Old Furnace at Museum of Iron, Ironbridge

Old Furnace at Museum of Iron, Ironbridge

The good thing about being in an art group is that you get out and paint things that you'd never have thought of painting before. I mean, when would you have considered painting this old furnace? You've looked hard and painted well and who knows where these different subjects I expect you'll be painting will lead? All very exciting really! Well done.

An excellent outcome Thea! I really enjoy being part of a painting group and seeing all the interpretations of similar subjects, I am a bit of a coward though so only choose the subjects I feel totally comfortable with so well done you!

I love this; it looks barny but wonderful. I am reminded of those early science fiction stories of time travellers etc. There is nothing better than having a set time to draw or paint, especially if you go with a group of people. You have no other purpose than to create; no washing up that is distracting etc. Great result. I look forward to your other sketches.

How good to see you on a different tack. Not that I don't enjoy most of your other stuff. But this sort of sketch is great for observation. . Have you found URBAN SKETCHERS yet ? Its world wide with people sketching their environment. Then we post them and the world gets to enjoy.

Yes I agree, great colours and good result Thea.

Thank you very much Louise, Christine, Gudrun, Sylvia and Carole for liking the sketch - much appreciated. I am lazy about getting out sketching and up until recently it wasn't something I was particularly interested in doing. However, it was the arrival of my first Moleskine sketch book that made me want to try it out and I am glad I did. Sitting there sketching and away from all the pressures of life was brilliant (although I did have to leave the session early to collect 4 grandchildren from 3 different schools!) and I will definitely do more. I also have a very low threshold of pain to boredom which is why I like to vary what I do - so I do a portrait, then a landscape, a boat, perhaps a still life and now a bit of sketching - keeps my butterfly brain from losing focus, lol!

Great capture of industrial stuff Thea, I love to sketch that sort of thing and glad you enjoyed the experience.

Hi Thea I like it , its sounds like a lot of fun this art club . I have been to Ironbridge its a lovely place and a nice subject to paint . I Think theres A nice kind honesty of honesty about your work Thea . And i have to say well done for having the courage to take on out of the ordinary subjects .

Thank you very much Derek and Dennis for your encouragement. This furnace was a bit of a challenge because if I have to be honest, I am not that inspired by such objects. However, digging deep I found merit in it and enjoyed having a going at sketching it.

Love the way you have used the cool blue background to make the rusty old furnace really stand out, I love this sort of subject old industrial dereliction has an aura all of its own, great stuff.

Thank you, Robert - it is all about contrasting colours and harmonising colours, isn't it. As I have said, this sort of old artifact isn't really my thing, but I have got quite fond of this old furnace now and at least I ended up looking at it in detail because I was there to sketch it. If I hadn't been there to do that, I would probably have walked past it without much of a glance - so I have learned something.

Superb work, Thea! I have realized after a while that while industrial machinery are not necessarily my thing, there is a lot of artistic licence one can take with them, especially if there is some rust lying around somewhere. This is a lovely piece, beautifully observed and painted, capturing the quirky shape of an iron monster!

It's very different subject for you Thea but you have managed to create something interesting, nearly abstract and you have used wonderful colours to complement each other. Well done!

Lovely pen and ink sketch - quite a quirky subject - which I like.

Interesting subject Thea, love the contrast in colours.

Thank you very much Seok, Satu, Joseph and Glennis for adding such encouraging comments. You are right, Seok, that this furnace has a peculiar charm of it's own and I had to draw and paint it to realise that as, at first glance, it didn't seem that interesting - the power of art, eh?

Well, they said it all, Thea. I was away from home for a few days and... there is this beautiful, well executed sketch. Keep on posting them!!!

You have even made this old furnace look interesting Thea with your bright palette of watercolours, great to read that you have found an art group to get out and about with as well, like Louise says groups are a lovely way to get and about painting things that we would'nt normally think of panting

How did I miss this ?!! Of course an old furnace is worth painting...... and you've done a great job. Very lucky to get out with a group; it's so easy to get stuck in a rut when there's no one around to encourage and offer new ideas.

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Last week, I went out with the Shropshire Art's Society Sketch Club to the Museum of Iron. I haven't been out with the club before as I have only recently joined the Society, so it was lovely to have a few hours devoted just to sketching. Although I am not totally turned on by old industrial buildings and artifacts, I did find a few interesting things to have a go at, one of which was this old furnace - fun to sketch and even more fun to try and paint. I did four studies in total and will post them over the next few days. The club meets once a month so I am looking forward to more opportunities to produce a few more sketches. Pen and wash in my sketchbooks. (P.S. I apologise if I have seemed rather absent from POL for the past week but our phones line and Broadband have been down since last Wednesday. BT are allegedly working on the fault, but apparently at a snail's pace).

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