Done For The Day

Done For The Day

So true, you can never go back but this is delightful nevertheless - not that I'm at all biased ;)

Thank you, Lesley, - I love boats too but might just try a different approach to portraying them. I read a book recently called Art and Fear in which it pointed out that we all think that our earlier work was better than the work we do in the present day, but that it is a mistake to think that and try and go back as it doesn't work. Words of wisdom it would seem.

Recognised your style straight away Thea, beautifully painted.

Thank you, Glennis, very kind of you.

Definitely your painting Thea, I knew at first glance. this is really good and so colourful.

Sometimes, it's a good thing to go back to our old style of painting. Not to often mind, but as a good exercise in applying paint and drawing. All good practice and for me, it clears my head and seems to point me in the right direction. Possibly for you as well Thea, I expect you're already planning the next more immediate pen and wash if you haven't started it already. We have to move on or else get stuck in that painting rut. Painting should be fun and actually exciting for me anyway, not just the 'same old'. I don't agree with the book you read about artists thinking that their earlier work is better but agree that to go back doesn't always work. That initial enthusiasm can sometimes be lost. Old work is different but not necessarily better. I like the placing of the boat in this one and the three buoys which add much to the composition.

Love boats Thea and these are brilliant

I like this a lot Thea-especially your watercolour technique of getting it right in one or two washes.

The shapes and colours of boats are just so appealing. You've done them justice here - I can even feel the breeze ...... lovely.

Lovely colours.

Thank you very much Carole, Louise, Dennis, Gina, Avril and Stan for such great comments. Very much appreciated.

Is it you that's "done for the day" or the boats, Thea? I do like this one, it's bold and colourful.

You certainly have progressed and changed Thea! I think it was good for you to go back and see how the old style feels like now and then to realise that you prefer the new, freer style. Your boats are lovely and the buoys are the cherry on the cake.

Thank you very much Marjorie and for the astute recognition of my Freudian slip! Thank you Satu - I think you have hit the nail on the head that it is nice to touch base with where you have been, but then you have to look forward to where you are going. I like your analogy of the buoys being like the cherries on the cake as they do rather look like a line of three juicy cherries, don't they, lol!

I can&#39;t really comment on that Thea as I havn&#39;t seen enough of your other work, but I do know what you mean. I often feel the same way and find that I am only interested in progressing and not looking back as you also say.<br /><br />An accurate drawing but with a feeling of looseness in the style and an interesting angle that you have chosen to paint, jolly well done.<br /><br />

I like the way the bright red pushes the boat out of the painting, and the three buoys placed outside of the frame.

Posted by K 0 on Thu 11 Jun 20:39:45

Really like this, Thea. Lovely composition and colour.

So recognisable as your work. This style of yours makes me think of lovely illustrations for children&#39;s books

Thank you very much Alan, Shirley, Kevin and Helen for such kind and generous comments.

I always like your paintings Thea, especially your early boat scenes and this is a very interesting experiment about going back to earlier paintings etc...... I can see that your confidence has grown in bucketfuls and that this is another superb piece of work to add to your gallery.

Thank you very much, Sarah, for your very kind comment. As for confidence - well it still ebbs and flows. I appear to be in an &#39;ebb&#39; period at the moment and am trying to get my &#39;flow&#39; back. And I thought art was going to be relaxing, lol!

Hang on Studio Wall

I fancied having another go at a boat painting as I haven't done one for ages, but all it seems to have proved to me is that you can't go back. This style of painting has rather lost it's appeal for me and I now much prefer the quicker and more immediate work and also get more enjoyment out of working in pen and wash rather than in pure watercolour (something I never thought I would say!). An interesting experiment and I am not sure if it shows I have progressed or just changed?

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