Guess Who - one liner (with a bit of cheating). Done in the style of Linearism, the all new genre.

Guess Who - one liner (with a bit of cheating). Done in the style of Linearism, the all new genre.

Well the flag's the giveaway Thea, I don't think I'd have got it without it. Alex Salmand?

As I said, it isn't a good likeness, but I liked the defeated and resigned look on the face and in the eyes and decided to go with it. The flag is definitely a great help I agree! Thank you for your very kind comment - it is indeed Alex S (or is supposed to be).

I hadn't read your description Thea, they aren't so easy to see on the new website. You have definitely captured that look of defeat!

Now here's a super example of linearism and a guess who to boot! I knew who it was even without the giveaway flag. The best one-liner guess whoer so far in my opinion and even better, because it's a good size I can see it properly and appreciate your skill here on the new look site. The problem is, you do this and now I shall have to as well.. painting should be fun sometimes!

Well, I think he is recognisable and I love the reddy browny wash you have used.

Thank you again Christine, and thank you Louise and Gudrun - how nice that you did recognise something of Alex in the portrait - feel very chuffed about that! The big images on the new gallery certainly don't let you get away with much, do they. The old site images were definitely soft focus - much more forgiving. I think the best bit about doing these drawings is that it makes me paint in the same style - looser and less studied, which I prefer but often can't do when I have done a more conventional drawing.

I like this new site Thea, I enjoy seeing the work more clearly, brush strokes, washes, details etc Love the way you've portrayed his stubble!

It is a good likeness!!

Yes great portrait of him Thea!

Nothing like Gordon Brown! and I didn't read them or the comments here. Just up your street Thea, so good and recogniseable style + skill

Well I guessed correctly without looking at the flag so you've got a good likeness Thea. Like the painting, don't like the man!

Thank you very much Lesley, Dennis, Linda and Carole for such kind comments. Yes - the stubble - got to keep it real, Lesley, lol!

Thank you very much Derek and Frank for your kind comments. Frank - I don't like the man either which is why I chose this look of defeat on his face - the wish being the father of the thought! I am a Scot and proud of my country and I don't like what is happening to it now. Hate is never a good emotion and there seems to be rather too much of it between the two nations at the moment - a dreadful state of affairs.

Can't stand the man but I do like this, very much!!

Really really good Thea! I'm trying to catch up with all the lovely works that I have missed but quite impossible. I'm in Finland and have been very busy but it will calm down soon.

Hang on Studio Wall

Not a good likeness at all, but they are hard to achieve with semi-blind one liners. However, I hope I have captured the look on this subject's face when he suddenly realised that his party was not going to rule the world.

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