Nosy Cow

Nosy Cow

Hello Thea, so good to see you have the energy and will to start expressing yourself in watercolour again. My sympathies on your bereavement. Been going through a similar period myself at the moment, and have not been able to summon up the energy to log in. But seeing you make the effort somehow got me going too - thanks ! I shall be trying to catch up too. And your cow is delightful, as always - haven't lost your touch.

My deepest sympathies Thea. Welcome back. Your nosy "blue" cow made my 3 year old's day. Thanks for that.

Sorry to hear that Thea. Apologies not necessary. This is a smashing antidote to the sad feelings you will be experiencing. I like the flies too.

Condolences on your bereavement Thea. Love the nosey moo.

Lovely picture great to see your name on the gallery Thea Wellcome bace .

Welcome back Thea,great cow, now that's a sentence I never thought I'd write!!

Lovely to have you back Thea, your cow made me smile too!

Lovely to see you back posting again Thea, and who couldn't help smiling at your sweet Moo Coo!

Another good one Thea. Hope you are ok after your 'time out'.

I join with everyone in saying nice to have you back Thea.

Thank you all very much for the warm welcome back - it makes all the difference to have such lovely messages from all you very mind folks. I still have some catching up to do and will get on to that as soon as I can.

How lovely to see you back in the gallery and what a good cow she is. A oneliner as well which can't have been that easy to draw considering the shape and angle of her head.. She certainly has that inquisitive look!

So pleased to see you back Thea, this brought a smile to my face too.

So good to have you back Thea and absolutely no need to apologise. You must have had such a sad time and it's so brave of you to start drawing again. I have been thinking of you and I'm so happy that you have managed to do this gorgeous moo. Take care!

My condolences again, Thea, and so good to have you back. You've certainly posted a cracker on your return! A lovely, irresistible piece, so much character in the face and eyes!

Thank you Louise, Carole, Seok and Gudrun - I am over-whelmed by everyone's kindness and good wishes. I am still struggling a bit to get my painting mojo back, but with a bit of time and patience, I will get myself sorted. Straight after the funeral last Monday, I came down with a nasty kidney infection which has further hampered my getting back to firing on all cylinders. I'm now going to apply myself to finding some fun projects to do and hopefully that will get me back on track. It has helped enormously to have such wonderful support from all my friends on the gallery - so thank you all again.

Nosy cow .... yes, I've known a few of those, metaphorically and actually. (A friend of mine, painting on the downs many years ago, had a lie down in the sunshine and dozed off: when she woke up, she was surrounded by cows, gazing down at her: actually quite dangerous if they have calves about, but she felt no threat at all - they were just curious.)

Yes, it was a slightly tongue in cheek reference to an expression which is bandied about quite a bit these days - a favourite on East Enders and the like I believe. I also agree that cows can be dangerous. We were crossing a field full of cows last year, with our dog in tow, and all these cows suddenly charged at us. We threw the dog over the fence and then leapt over ourselves - very scary moment as I know several dog walkers have been killed by cows.

Lovely to see you back Thea. I just checked in on the Painters online facebook page and was really delighted to see your name and comment about tonight's Amateur Artist programme. Loving your cheeky cow too! Enjoy the programme - I will definitely be watching too.

The cow stood out very much on the page -nice one

Hang on Studio Wall

I am sorry I have been absent from the site for so long, but a sudden family bereavement made it hard for me to concentrate on art or painting, so I have had to have a little break. I haven't done anything arty for weeks, but did manage to pull myself together and produce this one liner pen and wash of this inquisitive cow. At least it made me smile. P.S. Sorry I have missed so many lovely works on the gallery - I will take some time now to try and catch up.

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