Self Portrait

Self Portrait

Hello thea, i cant comment on weather it is a good likeness but you have painted a kind gentle face i love the block of blue in the background. You see to have a twinkle in your eyes.

Thank you Helen for your nice compliments - don't know about kind and gentle - I can be a right nag at times lol! My daughters are my harshest critics so it will be interesting to see what they say about the likeness when I show it to them.

Oh Thea, it's wonderful, just as I imagined you to be !

Thank you so much, Louise. Well - I did it in the end! It is rather done in soft focus - I have probably taken about 10 years off myself, but heigh ho - why not! It is actually a rather a weird experience sitting staring at yourself for several hours and dabbing bits of paint on your nose!

Well done Thea.Now we can put a face to the great talent

Oh Thea, it's a really lovely portrait, and I agree with Helen and Louise - it's just as imagined you to be, especially the twinkle in the eye and the very kind expression. And so beautifully transparent, as a watercolor should be! You really make it look so effortless!

Nice Portrait.I agree with the others you have handled the eyes well-not over done.

Not been on for well over a week as I've been too busy with our Forth Valley Open Studios event but I just had to steal five minutes before we open for the last day to comment on your self portrait. It is truly a beautiful gentle portrait and it's so nice to be able to put a face to a friend on POL if I may call you that.

Thank you very much Larry - now all I need is your self-portrait!! Thank you Seok for those lovely words. I normally take a dreadful photo as I almost always shut my eyes, so I had to hunt for one which actually had the eyes open! Thank you David, all of it was a bit of a struggle at times so I am glad if you think the eyes turned out ok. Thank you, Val, for such a lovely comment and I definitely count you as a friend and always look forward to hearing from you and seeing your work.

A lovely portrait, Thea, and it's always good to be able to put a face to the names that come up so often on POL. You've been very brave to do a self portrait, in my humble opinion, and this is beautiful. Well done.

Thea, Having seen your photo on your blog I would say it is a very good likeness and a beautifully painted one too.

Posted by Joy Lee on Sun 19 Jun 12:45:44

How do you do Thea, it's lovely to meet you, almost in the flesh......As others have said it's lovely to put a face to a name especially one as beautiful as yours.

Lovely painting, lovely must be a lovely lady! You'll find no arguments here on the POL website! :)

I saw your photo on the Artists Interviews and I think this a very good likeness - but your husband must be the best judge! A lovely face, so well painted.

Who is this lovely lady? Beautiful painting!

Posted by Ann Cook on Sun 19 Jun 17:49:35

Being away for a few days, I am catching up with the POL. I agree with ALL the above comments, Thea. This is a very brave project. I don't know if I would dare to try a self portrait. Looking at your interview portrait it is very likely! Well done!

Thank you all so very much! I feel very undeserving of such compliments, but I thank each and every one of you most sincerely for your kindness.

Lovely portrait ,well done Thea.

I say this is a wonderful portrait Thea, I have seen your photo and your portrait is a very good likeness. Again very natural looking and not stiff, well done.

now we know what you look like, what a lovely gentle portrait, very well done

I admire your portrait paintings and I really like this one. Don't know about the resemblance but watercolour is not an easy medium especially portraits.

The eyes say it all, well done.

I recognised your style first, and then saw your name by it. You have a wonderful talent, and I agree with everything written already. Hurry up and post again, I look forward to viewing your work. :)

Hi Thea, well I actually made it! Love all your portraits but as you say this must have been the hardest one for you to do, so that makes it even more special, wonderful eyes, excellent!

Thank you all so very much for your continued support and encouragement. Each and every comment means such a lot to me and spurs me on to keep trying to improve - so you are all doing a great job!

Thea, as you probably know I am an admirer of your work, but i just wanted to say, i opened my SAA Paint mag and there you were. !!! CONGRATULATIONS ....a double page spread. I can say now that your self portrait is a great likeness !!I enjoyed reading the article and look forward to seeing more of your lovely paintings. Well done !!!

That is very sweet of you, Kate and so much appreciated. No one was more utterly taken aback than me when SAA contacted me to invite me to submit a painting for the front cover. The only exposure I have had really is posting on POL gallery and this was being really exposed - rather scary! I feel very honoured and grateful to them for thinking that something I have painted is worthy. However, I am rather nervous now in case people start to think that all my subsequent painting will have to be 'masterpieces' which is never going to happen LOL! I haven't actually seen to magazine as yet as mine hasn't arrived so I shall wait with bated breath to see what it all looks like. Thank you once again for your kindness.

Mne hasn't arrived yet either and now I can't wait! So well done Thea, and so well deserved. Congratulations on another top ten for June :)

Thank you Lesley, that is really nice of you to say that and I appreciate it. It was all a bit unexpected really, but rather exciting at the same time. Well done you - top of the Top Ten - and I am not surprised with this wonderful and atmospheric painting. Many congrats.

Many congratulations Thea, sorry I missed the post! This is a beautiful self-portrait as every one of your paintings, you have a great delicate and distinctive style, truly well deserved top ten for June

I also want to congratulate you with your Top Ten with this absolute stunning self portrait. You certainly deserve this!!

Thank you so much Thea for letting me know about the top ten. How strange we are both in it with self portraits. Yours, of course, is so lovely and beautiful, unlike mine. Well done and look forward to seeing more of your work. I will try to paint a happier one next, Thea x

Nice to hear from you, Thea, and thank you for your nice comments. However, I do feel that to mention your amazing painting and mine the same breath is rather too kind. I don't have anything approaching your skills in painting - I'm working on improving, but I think I have a long way to go to match the brilliance of your portrait. Look forward to you posting more of your paintings, Kind regards, Thea.

Thea, it's arrived! Well done you, absolutely brilliant cover and article :)

Hi Thea. Have just seen the article on your work in the SAA magazine- congratulations and well done. :) I've decided not to renew my membership with SAA; neither I, my work nor my background in design seem to fit with their chosen demographic, so for me at least it is a bit of a waste of money. Nevertheless, congratulations again for the article; it is well deserved. :)

Thank you so much Lesley and Lucy for your congratulations - it is lovely of you to write and let me know what you thought. I was rather worried that people would look at the front cover and think the SAA had lost their marbles - but, as usual, people have been so generous and kind. Lucy, I know what you mean about different magazines suiting your style and medium. I feel a bit like that about The Artist as they always have articles that don't really appeal to me much - I prefer Leisure Painter and SAA Paint magazine, because they cover what I am interested in and more my level of painting. No point in spending the money for no gain, eh!

The you did do a self portrait, only it was ages ago, I must have a go at one in watercoloiur now I have started to dabble in the medium again, this one of yours is excellent!

Thank you Ros - did you notice that I left most of the lines out a la Charles's advice, lol!

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This has been the hardest painting I have ever done! My husband tells me it is a very good likeness, but I find it hard to judge. Not the best painting I have ever done, but thought it might be interesting for those who 'know' me through POL. I have to say that I think I much prefer painting babies and children - adult faces are way too difficult! Watercolour on Langton 140lbs.

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