Water Boy

Water Boy

That's a lovely, delicate watercolour sketch, and your grandson's face has life and humour: some are a bit too careful when drawing/painting children, certainly too fixed on translating photographs, and import a characteristic hard, plastic look which is strangely disturbing. None of that here - and, as usual, you've known exactly when to stop. Many congratulations.

Agree with Robert, this is a very lovely piece and you have my congratulations too...

Your colours are fresh and vibrant. Very accomlished for a half hour painting. I too have just started on portraiture. Yesterday was my first class. Chalk pastel for now, then moving to watercolour later. I don't dare show it yet. I might blind somebody. LOL

Gorgeous as usual, Thea! Such a lovely translucent quality in the sketch, simple yet capturing all the essentials.

30 minutes of magic Thea , a lovely portrait.

Thank you all so much. I am a bit taken aback at how nice your comments have been considering this was only a little quick sketch. Perhaps those are the best because you haven't time to fiddle - who knows! Robert, thank you so much for thinking that I stopped in time. Not going too far is my holy grail and if I ever achieve it I am well pleased. Chito - good luck with the portraits. I did my first one about 6 months ago and I have become hooked on them, but tend to like doing children because of the ingenious expressions on their faces. Look forward to seeing your first one.

Happy little boy. Very well done with the wet look on his body.

Delightful !

I agree with all the above comments: you did a very good job there, Thea. Lovely, fresh and lively!

I love your work Thea!!!:)Linda

Thank you all so much for lovely comments. It does give you a thrill when fellow artists like your work.

agree with everybody's comments, fresh & delicious. Love Tabitha's bonnet too!

Thank you Jenny for your nice comments. Tabitha did look very sweet in her bonnet and I tried to do her justice.

What a sketch - brilliant! Well done Thea.

Really nice, Thea. I think your portraits are very sensitive. Well done! Sarah

Hi Thea, just seen your kind comments on "top tens of the month" congrats to you too! With regard to the number of comments, I suppose they can tell how many people view the works but don't neccessarily leave a comment. That explains why the naked lady is on the list. So many people looked at it but didn't want to comment! When there was all that fuss about multiple postings, I confess that I kept looking to see how everyone else felt about it. Human nature I suppose! Kind regards, Louise

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This is a painting of my grandson, Hector, enjoying playing in the shallow waters of the sea in Sardinia. Just a quick half hour watercolour sketch. Done on Langton 140lbs.

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