Thank You Card for Rana by Hector aged 11

Thank You Card for Rana by Hector aged 11

Well done, Hector. Please wish him all my best for happiness at his new school. Thea.

I would struggle too Thea - what a magnificent effort - he has obviousely inherited your artistic skills - you must be very proud.

Well done Hector and Thea, tell him that I hope that he likes his new school and also, you'll have to ask Hector if he'll teach you how to paint a puffin. This one is excellent!

Nice one Hector! I love the Puffin's beak !

So well done Hector, a lovely loose painting. Brilliant!

Beautiful card, well done Hector, I love it!

Well, he's certainly inherited the gene! A lovely painting of a lovely quirky bird.

Thank you all so much for being so kind about Hector's painting. I will show him all your comments and I know he will be thrilled that so many pukka artists have said nice things about his work. I am trying to encourage him to keep experimenting with his watercolours and I think he seems to be doing ok for his age. I was impressed with the shading on the underside of the puffin and also the variation in tone in the boat hull and the sea. He seems to work this out all by himself. Wish I had started when I was his age!!

That was the first thing I noticed Thea, the shading on the Puffins tummy making it 3 dimensional instead of 2. Are you sure he's not kidding you about his age? LOL I think Hector should start giving lessons.

I know, Val, I was also a bit taken aback at that, also the shading under the puffins chin and all done in watercolour which is so tricky to work with. He also seems to have managed to get a variation in tone in the black of the puffins back and wings, getting a bit of light into it. I liked his 'big sea' look as well as it had movement. Hector is the only one in his family with an artistic leanings, Mum, Dad and brother couldn't even draw a circle! Hector just retires to his bedroom and works it all out for himself. I couldn't have done this when I was his age. It is still very much work in progress, but I think he is on the right path and he will always love art, painting and drawing.

Many congratulations to Hector, Thea. It is very pleasant when your off-spring shows that they inherited some of your talents or interests. I have the same experience: children and grand-children are all very interested in drawing and painting. The grand-children even attend drawing and painting classes on their free afternoon!!!!

Wow, he's certainly inherited your talent, Thea! What a delightful keepsake!

Hector says thank you very much for taking the time to look at his painting, Mia and Seok. I showed him all the comments and he was quite overcome that all you wonderful artists have said such nice things about is work. He is working hard on another painting at the moment.

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I have been working hard recently on an appeal to get Hector into the same secondary school as his brother. We heard last Monday that we had been successful and he has his place. Hector painted this card for me to say thank you. He chose a puffin as I have a tile mural of puffins over my Aga so he thought I would like it. He used the watercolours I bought him for Christmas - he is steadily getting to grips with the medium. He didn't use a photo for reference but just drew on his knowledge of birds. I think he did pretty well - I would struggle to draw a puffin from memory!

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