Coastal Colours

Coastal Colours

Very nice, fresh still life, Thea.

What a super painting Thea. The composition and colours are excellent and I see that there's a bit of a nautical theme creeping in! The fact that you didn't find it too much of a struggle shows. It's a confident work and I know that you're pleased with it. You see it's all down to that 30 minute challenge. Possibly You're more relaxed.

This is charming Thea, love the way you've picked out the pinks in the tulips, shells and the detail on the cup and saucer as well as the bunting. I think we've all learnt a lot from the 30 minute challenge!

Oh I do like to be beside the seaside........! Memories of a souvenir shop along Brighton sea front (where I once lived.) The colours and loose painting are perfect. A great addition to your gallery....dare I say that!?

Thank you Stephen, Louise, Debs and Avril for your nice comments very much appreciated. Avril, I love coastal things (lots of nautical knick knacks in my house). I am so scared about doing anything on the gallery now that I loaded this painting and jumped back from my keyboard like a scalded cat! Hopefully the gallery dramas are now over for me!

Delightful, Thea; the reds and the blues are so fresh and the very simple background shows everything off so well. There's a happiness in it which I'm sure you must have felt painting it.

Beautiful fresh watercolour, great colours.

I recognised it immediately as one of yours, Thea. Beautiful subject and as always perfectly painted in your own style. Love it! As we say overhere, no offense I hope: "I turn the knife in the wound": make a back-up!!! LOL and :) naughty Mia.

Very nautical Thea, lovely painting.

Super subject, lovely style and feel to this still life.

I agreee with Kirstie, You can cr\eate very peachful time.

Thank you all very much for such lovely comments. I have chucked the last two still life paintings in the bin so it is always nice to get one to the point that you can actually post it on the gallery. I actually picked up the wooden bunting in Sainsbury's of all places - really good value! All the other bits I have picked up over the years. I am on the look out for some nice wooden shore birds or decoy ducks, but both seem to be very expensive - may try eBay.

lovely painting Thea.

It didn't go reasonably well, Thea - it went fantastic! Love the composition, and the contrast between the simple shape of the boat and the flower details. It's delightful!

There is not much else to say it has already been said - love the composition and the colours so fresh - great painting

Thank you very much Pete, Seok and Glennis for your lovely comments - very much appreciated.

Not done many still lifes myself - why do they call them still life when there is no life whatsoever? Anyway enough of semantics this is a lovely little composition Thea and inspires me to do one when I get more time

So nice and fresh. I particularly like the hearts banner :)

Lovely composition Thea and not only are your colours very nautical but they are also very apt for the year of the Royal celebrations and the Olympics. My favourite is your cup and saucer but I'm wondering where your duck is, not seen it for a while :)

They have said it all Thea, it's so beautiful and I love the gentle colours.

Thank you very much Michael, Sarah, Val and Satu for such encouraging comments. I am glad the teacup worked out ok as it is always the one part of a still life that I am never sure quite how to paint.

never ever bin any of your artwork :-( that's all I can say, :-p I do not like my artwork, but keeping it helps me see how to improve and change things the next time I paint, if that makes sense :-) all marks are art whether you like them or not, other people will like them :-) This is a lovely still life, you have captured it very well, it is subtle, gentle, but effective. The flowers are excellent.

Thank you very much Larry and Rebecca for your encouragement. It is wonderful to have such super support.

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I haven't done a still life for ages (well, not one that hasn't ended up in the bin), so was glad that this one went reasonably well. I used some of the techniques learned through doing the 30 minute challenge - just go for it, don't go back and correct anything and just live with what happens - strangely enough I felt more comfortable working this way. Watercolour on Langton Prestige 140lbs.

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