The Jolly Roger

The Jolly Roger

Sorry you lost your portfolio, hope they can get it back. Small consolation, but I love this one. I can see you had a lot of fun with it.

Hope you have some luck with your gallery tuesday Thea. A lovely characterful painting love the flag. Two posts 100+ to go.

Another super nautical scene Thea. I like the fact that it's quite busy, it's nicely balanced and there's just enough to look at. The colour is lovely! Well done.

Lost your gallery?? Oh no !!! love the Jolly Roger - it's Jolly good!!

Ahoy me hearties. nicely done Thea.

Good start to a new portfolio Thea

Plenty to look at Thea and all beautifully painted.

Lovely loose painting, Thea, love the washes. You've painted a very complicated subject, but kept it simple and have still given it lots of room to breathe, which I know isn't easy to do.

A little beauty Thea - works really well

Lovely colour and composition, Thea.

Absolutely gorgeous, Thea! You struck the right balance - true to the spirit of the scene yet not frenzied.

Oh Thea I love this old boat........ wondeful palette and wet-in-wet! How awful losing your portfolio....... on the other hand I won't mind seeing all your lovely paintings again. (Perhaps not in one go...... imagine the wrath!!!!!! Just joking .)

This is super Thea, like the treatment, colours and composition used for the boat and all the rest of course. really think this works very well.

Thank you so much everyone for such lovely comments. It is helping to cheer me up after losing my Paintings portfolio. Avril, I might re-post just a few of my paintings as I would like them to be on my gallery, but do you suppose I could post them with a note saying 'No comment needed - re-posted' and if I only did one a week that it wouldn't upset anyone? I only have about 6 or 8 out of the 60+ paintings that were on there that I want to re-post.

One a week is a very gentle way of getting them back so we can enjoy them, Thea. One every couple of days wouldn't be too much as far as I'm concerned. I love the zingy red on this - really sets the painting off.

Lovely colourful boat Thea.

A beautiful painting again, Thea, in your 'typical' Thea-style. Well done!

Very lovely watercolour painting. There's lots to look at but you kept the background calm and it blended very well.

Thank you very much for your kindness Jane, Carole, Mia and Lorraine. Jane - one a week would work but I am hoping I can do one about every 4 days as I have selected 12 to re-load should I have to do this. I will see what POL team say first about recovering the file. Fingers crossed!

I love the boat, the shapes and the colours - beautiful! What happened to your gallery? Did you accidently delete it or did they, POL, loose it? Just repost them if POL can't find them.

Thank you very much, Satu, for your nice comment. I don't really know what happened as I just deleted a painting from the gallery page (as you can) but when I went back into my portfolios, the one with my paintings in had disappeared. I don't think I did it so it must have been a glitch with the site. I will re-post some if POL can't recover the portfolio. Just sad about losing all the comments on two year's worth of paintings.

Sorry to hear about your portfolio Thea. I can't wait to see all your lovely paintings again...if that helps :) This one is a super start to your new portfolio.

Thank you, Fiona, for your lovely comment - much appreciated as I haven't got that many now!! Sob! I am hoping POL can help me but if not get ready for an influx of Thea paintings (one at a time I assure you!).

Thea, sorry you have lost your pictures, I know how precious they are. This one is lovely. I quite often look at the fishing boats and wonder what all the bits are for. I hope you find the pictures, they are probably lurking around somewhere.

Thank you, Margaret for your nice comment. I too have no idea what all the bits of these boats are actually for but they all seem to have that pulley thing on the front so can only assume it is for pulling in the nets. It is all the stuff on them and surrounding them that fascinates me which is why I enjoy painting fishing boats so much.

Hi thea, excellent picture. :)

I am very sorry to hear about your lost portfolio and I do hope you find the pictures and comments again. I love the boat. It brought a grin to my face and the colours are beautiful, it is nicely balanced and there's a lot to keep us interested. If this is anything to go by, your new gallery will be a treat!

Many congratulations Thea for being one of the top tens this month. Beatuiful watercolour

Thank you, Petra - I didn't know until your comment popped up on my phone! I feel honoured as the other ones in the list are such wonderful selection of paintings.

Top ten yet again but I'll say it only once :)

Thank you, Louise, for your congrats. Always a surprise to be included in the list, but rather nice all the same.

This is so gorgeous, I love your colours Thea - it's such a cheerful painting !

Thank you very much Beverley for such a lovely comment.

I have just caught up with your portfolio Thea, and have been sitting literally openmouthed at the level of skill at which you have arrived in your watercolour work. Some of the pieces are quite Stunning.....and deserve to be widely seen and enjoyed.

Hi Thea from Shaun thanks very much for your comments much appreciated.

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This boat had everything bar the kitchen sink on it (including the Jolly Roger flag!) and it was a challenge to simplify the scene to stop it looking too busy. In the end I just concentrated on the boat and left the rest of the scene as unfussy as possible. Watercolour on Langton Prestige 140lbs.

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