Be My Valentine

Be My Valentine

I LOVE it!

Posted by Ann Cook on Tue 14 Feb 13:45:44

Nice drawing Thea. Hope you and your husband enjoy the rest of the day

A Valentine card Thea. What a good idea. Fortunately, it's too late for me to attempt one! I do like your drawings and feel that drawing is a good thing as it makes us look closely at things which can only improve our painting skills. This is a good, well observed drawing. Milly is perfectly positioned and I like the romantic touch of the red hearts!

What a lovely card full of love and happiness. Good idea thea and you have a lovely house too!

Thank you Ann, Paul, Louise, Kirstie and Avril for your nice comments. Not really a serious work, but it fitted the bill for today. My drawing skills need some serious honing I'm afraid as I have neglected them for too long in favour of painting. Definitely going to try and rectify that this year.

A delightful drawing Thea and a lovely idea for Valentines day. I saw the photo that Debs took at your exhibition, it's so nice to be able to put a face to the name. Hope it is going well.

Lovely card Thea, trust your husband was suitably pleased.

Thank you Val - it was lovely of Debs to make the effort to come to see my exhibition and we had a wonderful natter about painting and art. I think I look about 90 in the photo as I am not someone who photographs well. ( I am not 90 just in case you were wondering lol! ) The exhibition is going really well and I have had some very lovely feedback. Sometimes a couple of hundred people troop through the coffee shop in a day, so I can't say my paintings aren't getting the exposure. Thank you Stephen for your kind comments. I did actually spy a little tear in Roger's eye when he saw the card - he is such an old romantic.

Don't tell me you have no imagination! Love the hearts smoking out of the chimney, no wonder Roger was so touched!

Lovely drawing Thea, I like Milly with the heart, hope you have a very romantic Valentine's Day

A lovely one for the softies and I'm a softie - lucky Hubby

A nice thought and Card Thea and would think your husband would be really verry pleased with such an original idea.

Thank you Debs, Michael and Glennis for your lovely comments. Ah Michael, I do love men who are softies!

Thaks, Graham. Yes, Roger was very touched. He actually gave me a card he had made too. Apparently he had collected lots of rose petals from our flowers in the summer and made a large heart shape on the grass on our lawn and photographed it. Forward planning, eh! It is wonderful and it is so good that at first I thought he had bought it in a shop. So we have two home made cards on our mantlepiece.

Sorry, that should be 'Thanks, Graham'....not Thaks! Butter fingers.

A lovely piece, Thea! I'm sure Roger was pleased as punch!

Love this one ,Thea. Lovely idea to just pick out the hearts in colour. Reminds me to find my effort I made several years ago. Watch the gallery!

Lovely Thea. Hope your exhibition is going well!

Ahhh its lovely Thea, lucky man !

Hi Thea, wht a wonderful card. I am not surprised there was a tear in Roger's eye. Milly with her hear and the hearts coming from the chimney really set it of. It must be a wonderful house. There are so many of these lovely buildings in your area.

Hi Thea good to see you are back with us, hope you are feeling much better after your cold, thanks for your lovely comments on my big and small versions of the Dalmation Dog Pet Portrait in pastel and inktense pencils, so pleased you like and think their yes are cute! Th eyes are turning out to be my signature bits now!, thanks again Thea xx

Hang on Studio Wall

Have a romantic Valentine's Day! I made this card for my lovely husband. It is of our house with our dog Milly in front of it (holding her heart for her Daddy). I literally had an hour to do this when Roger was out last night - so not much time for finesse. At least I met my challenge of doing one drawing a week.

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