Guess Who One Liner Challenge

Guess Who One Liner Challenge

He's an actor I think who's name escapes me. Such a good portrait as well. I wouldn't say that this one is quirky. This is serious stuff!

They are being refined beautifully Thea. You always capture more than a likeness too

Thanks Louise - he is an actor indeed. Keep thinking!! I don't know about serious stuff, although that is a lovely compliment, but these portraits just seem to just 'happen' rather than me setting out to make them look a certain way. I think it is the one liner and minimum looking that produces this effect and this way of drawing also strangely makes you feel that you haven't had that much to do with the result - very weird. They don't take long either and in fact the quicker you are, the less time there is for your brain to start interfering too much.

Thanks Dennis - do you know who it is?

I think that I'm wrong but John Hurt comes to mind Thea!!! Whoever it is, you have made him look very distinguished.

Thanks for having a guess, Sarah - I can see where you are heading with that guess as there is a similarity in the face between John Hurt and this actor - similar roles as well.

A youthful Ian McKellen???

Give that woman a prize! Yes - I got the idea from watching Sky Arts Portrait Artist, where Ian McKellen was a sitter. I did take this from a more youthful photo of him - well spotted.

Of course, Sir Ian Mckellen! I knew it really..LOL

Very good Thea. I thought it had a look of Michael Portilo too.

Fantastic drawing Thea!!

I know you probably knew, Louise, as you watch the Portrait Artist programme - well done for not saying straight away. Agree, Fiona, that it does have a look of Michael P, but his lips are very full, aren't they, which is where it differs. It is very hard to guess (especially when it isn't a perfect likeness).

Good one Thea, very like him. You have made him look younger too!

Me? win a prize?? Yippee!! lol

I really like these portraits , they have a lovely loose feel to them

I didn't know that there was a prize... LOL

It is fun looking at these portraits,it is like a young Sir Ian Mcellern-the eyes are a good likeness

Thank you Carole, Gudrun, Dermot and David for joining in the fun. David, it is indeed Ian McKellen, but taken from a photo when he was quite a bit younger. I do think his eyes are very much the same though with the same look in them. Louise - prize, mmmm have to think about that one. How about getting to see another of my one liners - no... didn't think you would be impressed with that one, lol!

Hi Thea. I was actually about to agree with Fiona, as to Michael Portilo. But very well done! I can see it now. Thank you for your comment on my picture, 'Mods'. Good times indeed.

Posted by Ian Fair on Thu 08 Jan 23:17:38

I think that John Hurt (one suggestion) Michael Portillo and Ian McKellen all have very similar faces - hence people guessing those three. What sets Ian McK apart is the slightly sad look in his eyes. When he was a sitter on the Sky Portrait programme, all the artists portrayed him with that sort of expression and he pointed out that he was actually a very happy person - he just doesn't look like one!

When I saw this I imeadiately thought of Gandolph but coundn't remember his real name. There is a theory that all beautiful / attractive people's features relate to the golden mean, hence they are popular.

You are onto a winner with these Thea! They are all terriffic!

A very good likeness, Thea, and a super piece! The strong lines etched across his face certainly lend hint at a very distinguished career and tons of experience. I also love the very light tint of colors, which is so appropriate for someone with a pale complexion.

Hang on Studio Wall

Sorry, you are probably getting a bit fed up with me posting all these quirky portraits, but only one more to go before I try and find another subject - promise! Problem is, they are so much fun to do and I am a bit addicted at the moment. Hopefully, someone will guess who this is, but I will give a clue in a bit.

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