Sketches from my holiday - Riding Winston the Camel

Sketches from my holiday - Riding Winston the Camel

It's very fresh and natural - it doesn't matter if face drawing is less than perfect as overall it's got a happy holiday feel.

Thanks very much, Pat. And your tip about reducing the resolution of the image seems to have worked as this one didn't turn out blurry - result!

Lively and fun Thea! A lovely memory of an unusual day! We have a llama farm close by but absolutely no camels :)

Fabulous fun painting Thea. Love that haughty looking camel!

Don't know the lad of course but I reckon he will be happy with your fab portrayal Thea.

Spent a lot of time at Bristol Zoo as a kid - but I got away eventually...... Wit. No, well, you see my uncle Vic was a keeper there; and they had camels; and one spat at me. Rotten things.... Still, this one looks much friendlier than the damn' dromedary that expressed its contempt for me. Like the colour palette too.

Hi Thea i like this one. Very nicely painted and looks like someone is having a lot of fun. Well done Thea

What a lovely souvenir, Thea. Much better than a photo to remember the time and joy!

What a lovely painting Thea, I do envy you your ability to capture these special treasured family times.

Great 'fun' painting in your lovely loose style.

Great fun painting and you've made a super job of the camel!

Thanks you very much Sarah, Louise, Derek, Robert, Dennis, Glennis, Mia, Christine, Michael and Debs (hope I haven't forgotten anyone!) for such lovely comments. It was just a bit of fun and I do find these records of holidays lovely to keep. I might even embarrass Noah with his first girlfriend by whipping this one out and flashing it under the poor girl's nose! That should make me favourite Grandma (not).

The camel looks suitably snooty Thea and Noah's obviously having a ball. How you manage to pack so much content and emotion into a 'quick' painting is a mystery to me.

This is just such a wonderful holiday memento, Thea! It's full of life, atmosphere and joie de vivre!

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I went to Suffolk recently with my two grandchildren. On one of the days we went to a camel farm (yes I know - never come across one before either) and Noah had a ride on one. I had to do the sketch from a photo as I just couldn't do them on site with two kids in two. I haven't done faces in pen and wash before and I made a bit of a pig's ear of Noah's, but at least Winston the camel is looking rather better! Pen and wash.

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