I dont see any signs of struggle here Thea - there is a great sense of happiness in this painting and the light on his face is great, he glows ! I think if you can do a childs face then you are off to a great start as the skin tone is so delicate and the change from cool to warm colours is so soft and your child portraits are excellent so more adults now please (I always thought that man from "last of the summer wine" had a great face to paint, you know the one who fancied nora battie - my hubby calls me that now )

Norah says it all so well Thea, I agree with her entirely, a wonderful portrait. What does Roger himself think of it?

Thank you very much for your generous comments. Roger recognised himself, so that is always a bonus!! Actually it is a pretty good likeness of him I think - not sure how I achieved that.

Very well done Thea! Super skin tones and he looks extremely happy. The background works well also!

Cheers, Louise. You know how much I battled with doing a portrait of Roger so I am pleased if you think it has worked out ok. Thank you very much.

I agree with all the above comments, stunning watercolour, you are really good with portraits Thea, I am sure your husband is delighted with this one

I agree with all the above Thea. Absolutely great and would never know you struggled only you mentioned it.As you say,always a bonus if Roger recognises himself and doesn't think it's the butcher on the main street !

I have only done one portrait - a self portrait which I did for a compeition. I didn't particularly enjoy doing it - probably because I was out of my comfort zone. So I can really appreciate the skill and expertise behind this joyful, well executed study - great stuff Thea.

Lovely light touch and your signature colours makes your style instantly recognizable. Love it! really well done!

Another great portrait Thea. I think this is so natural-looking, bet he likes it!.

Looks great to me I'm sure he's delighted.

Posted by K 0 on Fri 02 Sep 09:48:17

This is really good Thea and if your husband likes it, then that's more than you can ask. So keep doing the adult ones- they're just as charming as the ones you' ve done of children.

Absolutely lovely portrait, you do these so well, lovely colours. If I may say though, I don't like the dark colours in the background, I think it detracts from the soft gentle colours of the face. :)

Thank you all so very much - you do wonders for my confidence. I might even attempt a portrait of my daughters in the near future now although I probably will risk life and limb if I don't make them look like super models!

Hi Thea I think is is a great painting of your husband and I too think you have done a very good job I do hope he thinks so. Looking forward to seeing your daughters.

Posted by Joy Lee on Fri 02 Sep 12:23:46

Extremely well done Thea, so much life and light captured here.

No sign of stuggle, Thea - lovely clear washes, beautifully subtle skin tones and great colors. Super portrait!

Thea, I am new to POL, and, prompted by your kind comments on my paintings, I have looked through all of your portraits, and I think this is the one I like most (although it is great to see your self portrait). Your husband looks like the sort of chap we would all like to have as a friend, and if a portrait engenders that kind of reaction then it has certainly succeeded. I think you do excellent 'grown-up' portraits and you should do more. My congratulations on tackling portraits in watercolour - the most difficult subject in the most technically challenging medium, in my humble opinion. Brilliant!!

Thank you Joy, Lesley, Seok and Duncan for your very kind comments which make it all worth while.

Hang on Studio Wall

I have struggled and struggled to do a portrait of my husband, Roger and this is the best I can come up. I am not very good at adult faces in the first place and I have only done 2 or 3 so far, so I need more practise. Anyway, he has a nice smiley expression so that must count for something! Watercolour on Arches 140lbs.

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