Guess Who - Done in the style of Linearism (the posh name for a one-liner!)

Guess Who - Done in the style of Linearism (the posh name for a one-liner!)

Sorry if this image has kept flashing on and off the gallery but I have been trying to work out which is the best size of image to use. Still working on it!

Most definitely Nicola Sturgeon and I didn't need the flag clue, it's a brilliant likeness!

How you catch them so effortlessly is a real talent Thea

Thank you, Christine - you knew who it was! Thank you so much. I decided to put a suggestion of Holyrood and the Saltaire in the background, as you can't really separate the woman from these. As for the likeness, I think you get in so close when you are doing any sort of portrait that you can't always judge in the end.

Yes I got it straight away [ before I noticed the flag!] That sideways glance says it all!! Super characterisation!

Absolutely Brilliant Thea. This perfect example of linearism made me smile, it's such a good likeness!!! (wouldn't want it on my wall

You have got the look spot on, ' ock aye. If that's how you spell it!

Got to be Ms Sturgeon very good indeed Thea!

fantastic portrait you did a beatiful job on this one xx

It's a brilliant caricature Thea- recognised her straight away - thank you for making me smile !

Not my favourite person but a very good watercolour portrait.

Thank you very much Dennis, Debs, Louise, Fed and Carole for such great comments. Dennis, I find that I just have to go for it and what happens is what happens. A few times, I have felt I could have done better and have had another go, being a bit more careful and those ones never work out as they seem to lose something. The first go is pure gut reaction and I suspect that will always end up being the better version.

Thank you very much Paula, Lynne and Stephen for such nice comments. Stephen, she is definitely not my favourite person and perhaps that comes over in the expression I seem to have arrived at - my subconscious at work perhaps!

An interesting way of drawing Thea, I'm always looking for different ideas, I didn't get it at first but it is actually not a bad likeness once I knew who it was and then had a look at her on Google!

Thank you, Alan, very kind of you. It is actually very hard to get an accurate likeness drawing this way as you are mostly looking at your reference and not what you are actually drawing on the page. I think the portraits turn out to be a cross between a portrait and a caricature. However, the most interesting thing I am finding is that the expression on the face that I end up with is often not exactly what I was seeing, but turns out more to reflect how I personally feel about that person (if you understand what I mean). I am a Scot and I don't like what Nicola Sturgeon stands for and she is what my father would have called 'a nippity little woman' (a Scottish expression). I think she has all the hallmarks of a patriotic fanatic - a dangerous combination I feel. Just my personal opinion, of course, but perhaps my feelings about her inherent shiftiness came out in the portrait.

Yes indeed, well observed, surely this is the important factor in any painting, a personal view of the subject/scene, not an exact likeness or portrayal of the image that we see. If we want exact, we&#39;ve all got camera&#39;s.<br /><br />Going back to political caricature&#39;s, my all time favourite artist is Gerald Scarfe, his fabulous pen and ink drawings, with splatters of ink everywhere and the wonderful quality of line that only a drawing nib can give you. I always liked the one he did of Edward Heath when he was PM, showing him with a long exaggerated nose, great work...

great likeness and nicely painted in your nearly one linerism Thea . you seem to have a knack of catching the essential qualities that make the particular individual

Thank you very much, Dennis, that&#39;s very kind of you. Alan, I know the exact caricature of Gerald Scarfe&#39;s you are talking about! His work is wonderful - so witty and cuttingly clever. A brilliant artist. I also totally agree about it not being totally necessary for drawn or painted portraits to be slaves to accuracy. I believe they should bring something else to the table. Mind you, this is probably as well as I am not sure I could achieve a high level of accuracy even if I tried, lol!

Excellent work again Thea , this sort of line and wash work I used to do a lot of Im getting tempted again ... love it <br /><br />Just wondering have you ever used the Dr Hydrus liquid watercolours ? theyre marvellous for this type of work

Great one liner, not a person I particularly like, the likeness you have created with this method is so good.

Wonderful Thea, I am not familiar with her but will have to google her now

Hang on Studio Wall

These one liner portraits are never accurate likenesses, but hopefully they capture something about the person. In this one, I think the sideways look and thin line of the lips says it all for me. Perhaps another agenda at play with this lady?

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