Guess Who? (80/20 One Liner)

Guess Who?  (80/20 One Liner)

Possibly because I don't watch tv, I confess that I haven't a clue who this is. However, I knew who the artist was from a glimpse of the thumbnail....

This chap is regularly on TV and in films, but if you aren't an addict of the square box, then I can see that you would struggle with this one. Not quite understanding what the second sentence of your comment means?? Thumbnail?? Answers on a postcard, please!

Rowan Atkinson? Whichever drawing method you have employed, it has resulted in a fresh lively portrait.

No idea who he is, but I think it's a gorgeous portrait, Thea - full of life, mischief and personality.

I would have thought that this one was really easy - shows how wrong I was! Thank you Stephen and Seok for your kind comments. Seok - I'm glad the mischief in the man comes over as that is his signature character.

Rowan Atkinson ie Mr Bean/Blackadder, it has to be him and if it's not, then it should be! .. LOL

Whoever it is it oozes personality - another goodu'n

My favourite mr bean. Delightful Thea

Yes sure is Mr Bean, so like him Thea.

Row an Atkinson, I saw it straight away, Thea. Very good!

Mr. Blackadder himself....hopefully. Excellent likeness, if it is him of course!

Thank you Louise, Dennis, Carole and Shirley for having a guess. It is indeed Rowan Atkinson as Mr Bean. Hopefully, I managed to portray that slightly manic and loopy look he has - it was great fun to do.

Yes, Fiona - it is Blackadder/Rowan/Mr Bean etc. I did take it from a photo of him playing the character Mr Bean - hence the slightly deranged look.

The eyebrows gave it away Thea! Lovely lively one liner.

Thanks, Christine - well done for guessing (although as you say - eyebrows.....!)

Loved him in Blackadder, especially the second series !

I'm with Carole and Dennis on this one, Thea. It's Rowan as Mr Bean?

Posted by Ian Fair on Mon 05 Jan 20:22:37

Got to agree with the others, Thea. It'sMr. Bean?

Posted by Ian Fair on Mon 05 Jan 20:24:09

Definitely Rowan Atkinson, Thea! Mr. Bean is a super subject, but I don't know how you manage to paint "blind". Contour drawing is hard enough for me!!!

Thank you Debs, Ian and Jennifer for stopping by to have a guess and for leaving kind comments. It is indeed Mr Bean.

Thea - 'thumbnail' is the small picture we see when looking at the gallery before actually clicking on it for a better look.

Well, there is no mistaking Rowan Atkinson with this.

It beat me too, now I can see the resemblance to Rowan

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Hopefully a fairly easy 'guess who'! I am experimenting with moving the one liner blind method of drawing on a bit so that I can incorporate it into future work. I felt I couldn't go on drawing blind forever, but I didn't want to lose the improved observational skills that I have learned while doing the UDOL's, so I have decided to try a 80% looking at my subject and 20% of the time devoted to having quick glances at what I am drawing. I am hoping that this keeps the quirky spontaneity while gaining a bit more accuracy.

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