Guess Who?- (Blind One Liner)

Guess Who?- (Blind One Liner)

I reckon it's Boris! Love your style Thea.

On second thoughts, he's more windy than Boris!

Thank you Kirstie and Frank for entering into the fun and having a guess. Frank, it isn't Boris (done him some time ago - the image is on my gallery I think). Try further west (that's a clue for you!). Kirstie - you are on the right track.

I think he is Donald Trump, no doubt. Very beautiful, Thea.

So Boris has been Trumped - good 'un Thea

I am sorry you have not been too well Thea but this is a beauty

That shouty mouth has to be Trumps and a very good oneliner it is too :)

Trump got to be! Feel better soon Thea.....

Hair.eyes and mouth.pure giveaway.

Ridiculous hairstyle tells me it's trump. I've heard the American taxpayers have been saved the cost of building the wall since trump won as the Mexicans have started building it themselves😂

an hilarious buffoon . its great Thea , but I cant believe hes a minister

Now this eejit I do recognise... v good. Feel well soon.

Thank you Michael, Cesare, Louise and Carole - yes - it is The Trump himself! I thought I would do a topical one and he came to mind.

Thank you Peter, Paul, Sylvia and Dennis for having a go at guessing. Yes, it is Trump - couldn't resist doing his shouty mouth - great fun! Thanks to all for the kind wishes - I am sure with such good vibes I will be better very soon.

Definitely him Thea!

I think its the American -the expressive dots and marks work well

Hang on Studio Wall

Bad photo of it, I'm afraid, but had to take it with my iPad as my camera is out of action - colours don't look true, but hopefully viewers will get the idea. Been a bit poorly altely but managed to summon up the energy to do this one - it felt good to be drawing again.

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