My Boys

My Boys

This is again a beautiful portrait, Thea. Well done.

I think this is a really happy little portrait Thea, well done considering you have some problems at the moment.

Agree with Carole, well done. Most importantly, Please take care of yourself. Best regards.

This is lovely Thea. You're a very skilled water colourist. I think it's the hardest medium to master.

Ouch... that sounds painful Thea, hope you recover soon. A lovely painting capturing a magical moment.

Thank you all for cheering up a poor crocked artist! I have never painted a group before and I found it tricky to try and show the boy's individual features as their faces were quite small in the painting.

It's absolutely lovely, Thea, and very obviously painted with a lot of love by Grandma! I hope your back will improve soon and wish you a very speedy recovery.

A cheerful little group having fun together ! Get better quickly .

What constitutes a 'good' portrait? I'm pretty sure that colour, tone and technique are all subordinate to one thing: character. If you can feel the character and sense the expressiveness, then it's not only a successful portrait, but also 'art'. Your lovely trio qualifies.

Love your work Thea, hope your back problem is sorted!?

I think this is a very fresh painting in which you have revealed the happy moment your grandsons went through.

What a happy trio, you can't help but smile when you look at this lovely watercolour.

Thank you all so much for your positive feedback and nice comments. I now feel inspired and more confident about tackling another group portrait.

A lovely fun portrait Thea , Hope your back is better and you are back to painting in earnest.

What a lively looking bunch, really catches the atmosphere. Hope your back gets better, if it doesn't you could contact Manoj Krishna at North Tees hospital (stockton on tees) he also works at Nuffield Stockton and York. Best bloke in the business for fixing backs. Fixed My sister in Law who could hardly walk and he put two disc replacements in my neck when my head siezed up. here'e hoping you get well anyway.

This looks even better in the "flesh". Your portraits are quite beautiful Thea and your grandchildren must absolutely love them. What a lovely way to record their early years. Glad your back is improving.

Oh,Thea it's lovely I bet thier parents will love it.It's so bright and cheerful. I hope you get better soon.

Posted by Joy Lee on Sun 10 Apr 14:31:53

Lovely painting, full of fun.

Your work is a joy to see Thea, and in particular this one, you have caught a very happy moment in this delightful watercolour. I would also like to take this oppertunity to thank you for your kind comments on my drawing of Sharons five grandchildren. If there is anything you would like to know with regard to pencil crayons, in answer to your question I would be only to happy to oblige. Kind regards Keith Boldy.

This is delightful, Thea. I must try to keep up more often with so much exellent work on POL. Thank you for your comment on my Quirky. And thank you, yes, I am well, and hope that you are feeling better also . I do get the news from Julia from time to time which keeps me up to date on your various adventures!

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I am currently laid up with a bad back, so have been trying to beat the boredom by painting, albeit in 20 min chunks, as I can't sit for any longer. This is a painting of my three grandsons, Oscar, Hector and little Noah taken on holiday last year in Provence. They are great friends and this seemed a lovely pose of them all laughing together. It's probably not my best effort, but all I manage at the moment. Watercolour on Langton 140lbs.

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