VW BEE-tle

VW BEE-tle

Thanks, Marjorie - I did think it was so corny that I would get eggs thrown at me, lol!

A good economical little runner which not only runs but flies as well.....such a good idea Thea!!

far from terrible - it's great - hope to see some more - love the wheels.

I want one! Very witty!

Now that's what I call....clever!!! Good stuff...birthday card!

Thank you Louise, Michael, David, Dennis and Roger for appreciating the joke. We are a VW family with four of us with one of them - so I felt obliged to honour the marque.

Good thinking Thea, these bee cartoons just keep on coming!

Exquisite Thea! Wonderful idea and so funny! Should go at the top page!!

Great take on the theme Thea!

Love it!

Posted by Sue Mann on Sun 16 Aug 22:17:35

By the time the Hive has finished producing these, I will be all smiled out. I think this is a great one Thea

Thank you very much Christine, Satu, Carole, Fiona, Sue and Malcolm for buzzing along to leave such nice comments.

Made me smile this morning - a great take on the theme Thea!<br />

Bet it&#39;s a great little runner too lol !!

Great concept Thea.

Thank you very much Julie, Tanusree and Debs for entering into the joke. Debs, the car is a great runner - it positively flies along (groan...!).

This is brilliant, Thea! Corny but I love it! I hope there&#39;s more to come!

Brilliant. I have been away so have missed most of these, but this is great.

Hang on Studio Wall

Sorry - couldn't resist and it's a terrible joke. Having a lot of fun BEE-ing creative, lol!

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