Guess Who?

Guess Who?

Hi Thea .I think I know who it is but don't know her name.

I'm not great on minor royal Thea but the painting is superb

I fear I wouldn't recognize the minor royals if I tripped over them ... though actually she does look a little like someone else; and cleverly, I can't for the life of me think who: but she's no royal... anyway, you've caught a character, whoever she is.

I think Kirstie's right. Princess Beatrice. It's a super portrait Thea :)

Thank you all very much for your comments . It is indeed Princess Beatrice. I thought she had very interesting eyes and so wanted to paint her. I am also really pleased to be able to paint and post the painting as I'm not very well at the moment. The fact is that I have a very serious condition which has made my left side very weak but luckily I'm right-handed and my right hand is okay so I can still draw and paint with that. My life has been turned totally upside down by this illness but I want to carry on enjoying my art. All your encouraging comments I are wonderful to receive so thank you. I apologise if I don't get round to commenting on other peoples work very much but at the moment typing is very difficult.

A colourful portrait Thea, you have captured the big round eyes very good! Sorry to hear of your illness.

Must admit at first glance I thought it was Catherine Tait...

It is princess Beatrice, I'm sure. Good to see you painting and posting again, Thea x

It is good to see you posting and painting again, Thea. I hope your health problems will get better. Lovely portrait. Is that one of Prince Andrews' daughters?

I recognized her straight away Thea. Sorry to hear about your illness I hope things improve for you very soon.

It's so good to see you posting again, Thea, and what a cracker! You've captured Princess Bea beautifully. I'm very sorry to hear about your illness and wish you a complete and speedy recovery.

Full of character Thea and I also hope your health im proves. Keep painting.

Yes Thea, it's definitely Princess Bea, I saw the likeness straight away. Hope you can carry on painting, it's so wonderfully therapeutic.

Thank you for such nice comments. Unfortunately I was diagnosed with a brain tumour in December and had major brain surgery at the end of January. I am now trying to fight this horrible situation with chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Sorry to put personal information on here but I wanted to explain why I a. Finding it a challenge to draw, paint and leave comments on other people's work.

A super likeness Thea! Very sorry to hear of your health issues but I hope you continue to paint and gain pleasure from the process.

Thanks Fiona. I am trying to keep a very positive frame of mind and I am determined tobeat this illness. Cancer really is a curse and the sooner they beat it the better. I shall definitely keep up my art as I think it does help me.

Lovely to see you here. Just keep painting and enjoy it. Don't worry about us. We'll check in with you when you are able to post etc. All the best. A friend of mine had similar and well, she's still here doing her stuff.

Thank you Gudrun. That"s very encouraging g about your friend.

Yes it's all in the eyes. Hope you get well soon, having problems myself recently so know the feeling and how frustrating it can be.

Love the loose washes and glorious colours - very exciting water colour

Thank you Lynne. I enjoy using unusual colours in a loose and flowing way. I think watercolour is a great. Edium for that sort of style.

Hang on Studio Wall

A small clue - a minor royal

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