Dendritic Bunny

Dendritic Bunny

And what a result - welcome to the club Thea - great fun aren't they.

This is excellent Thea!!

Great fun and a really nice modern piece of art Theo your very good I think ,well done .

OOOOer...that's dendritically dramatic...clever image and a new term for me. Hope Theo isn't your alter image!

What a super Dendritic print, Thea! So neat! Mine are all over the place and the mess is incredible.

Would grace any wall Thea

Good use of the 'bunny shape' love the way you have made good use of the way the paint worked for you !!

It's surprising what emerges from between the glass plates isn't it? Great interpretation of the dentrictic splodges!

This is totally different and I really like it , it's so bold and effective .... I must be behind the times as I never heard of dendritic painting :)

Cute bunny Thea, I love it :)

Worked out a treat Thea.

I do admire you for trying out something so different. It's worked out well, a dendritic painting and yet still it has something of your own style. Must be those splashy bits. The bunny does look as though he's wondering what's happened to him!!

This worked brilliantly Thea.

Thea, this is fun, and so imaginative. I only tried dendritics once and got in a right mess.

Thank you very much Michael, Fiona, Dennis, Roger K, Satu, Dennis, Debs, Christine, Dermot and Maria for leaving such nice comments on my experimental piece. It is actually really good fun and quite exciting as you just don't know how it will turn out - the ultimate challenge for a control freak like me!

Thank you very much Carole, Louise, Val and Jenny for your lovely comments on my rather weird looking bunny. I found it good fun to have a shape and then fit something to it, rather than the other way round - made a change.

Quite a shock Thea (nice one) I was scolling up on the computer and your bunny popped up like the rabbit out of the magicians hat. Great fun, smashing colours and the eyes, eye lashes and whiskers give it solidity, love it.

Fun painting, you have so many original ideas, Thea - I can't keep up

This is just so clever, Thea! A fabulous result!

very amusing DAC DAC.

Posted by Pod P on Mon 31 Aug 16:50:38
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I finally had a go at dendritic painting. Unfortunately, the glass I used was a bit too thick and I couldn't get too much definition in the dendritic process. However, a bunny shape emerged so I just added eyes and a nose and a few splashes of paint. Fun to do.

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