This is lovely Sharon, the snow on the shrubbery is fantastic.

Great negative painting, good subject well spotted.

Oh, I suddenly feel very cold!

Apologies for any discomfort Frank! Thanks for your comments Helen and Carole : it was indeed a good excercise in negative painting and observation. I'm new to the gallery, and its great to have input from other enthousiasts ; it gets very lonely sometimes, shut up in a room with paper and paints. I'm also enjoying browsing through all your portfolios, there are some great pictures out there!

Brilliant depiction of deep snow Sharon and some super negative painting.

Great to see a different subject, and painted so well. The dark spaces and underneaths of the leaves in the hedge are strong enough to give it some welly and pull it all together well.

Had a look at your paintings, Sharon - who am I to comment? Light as a spiders web, all with great feeling. You're a lovely artist

Oh wow! This is so typical of a really heavy fall of snow Sharon. I can hear the silence of it, if you know what I mean. The bike is great and I love your blues in the shaddow below it.

It's amazing how you have managed to capture a difficult subject. Very, very well done Sharon.

A beautifully balanced composition, totally satisfying to the eye. love your style and your choice of subjects, Sharon.

This is great you have captured the effect of snow

Hang on Studio Wall

Spotted at our local busstop. Watercolour on Arches 300gsm

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