River II

River II

Nice rich darks - I like it.

Superb Sharon a work of distinction

It's worked well Sharon, beautiful effects and tones. The darks are so rich without being gaudy or dull. Lovely.

I agree with Dennis, and will add wow! fantastic colour Sharon.

Very attractive Sharon, with the clear rich dark colours

Lovely almost abstract painting Sharon.

The darks work brilliantly, with lovely colour choices and a interesting subject.

The colours grabbed me, a real eye catcher, but a stunning composition too.

Many thanks for all your comments. I've learned a lot from all these trials : the acrylic inks are enchanting with their transparency, fluidity and depth of colour and can be used as a final layer over a watercolour ground; but take care, because of their fluidity, permanence and quick drying, don't try painting with them anywhere near your best carpet. I got Prussian blue all over myself and the floor, a reminder for years to come of what a beautiful colour it is.

Totally unique. Love it!

Posted by T H on Thu 16 Feb 00:00:49

Thanks for stopping by to look Gudrun and Timothy, and for your generous comments.

Hang on Studio Wall

For anyone interested, a further experiment, this time with a first layer of watercolour, followed by a second layer in acrylic ink. Top third of the picture is pure watercolour. Conclusion is that the watercolour did not budge under the layer of ink, but the ink pigments are so saturated they tend to obliterate the rest. Perhaps if I had diluted the ink more .. but I was looking for deep darks. Watercolour and acrylic ink on Schut Noblesse NOT 200gsm, 30x40cm

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