On the beach revisited I

On the beach revisited I

The hair in this version is wonderfully well painted. Have you tried the new special sponges that the SAA sell for correcting mistakes by taking the watercolour paint off back to white paper? There is also a brush called Woolley's Wonder Brush, and it also takes paint off almost back to white paper. I don't think your use of white gouache has affected the portrait in itself too much but I agree with you that it has altered the feel of the expression on the face. As you say, it is all valuable learning and portraits of children are so hard to do that to produce a work as good s this shows that you are doing well.

Again I am drawn to her hair and it's colour, really good!

Many thanks Thea, much appreciate you taking the trouble to comment and analyze. I have never heard of these magic sponges/brushes, but will look them up on the net. If they really work, they will change watercolour painting for me – its much easier to be spontaneous if you know you can take some risks without ruining hours of careful preparation. Seems almost like cheating, but its the result that counts I suppose ! Carole, thanks for your feedback – I too was pleased with the way the hair turned out at least. I’m now going to try and let go and do a wet in wet loose version, I enjoy the challenge and the learning experience.

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Cropped version of “On the beach” in an attempt to get the right skin tones. There is good news and bad news ....Starting with the latter, I’m afraid I have made a dog’s dinner of it. Having painted the eye, realized that it was in the wrong place, but was unable to wash out. In desperation I tried using white gouache to cover up the dark marks, but this was NOT a good idea. Now my pretty little girl looks like she is about to burst into tears, and she has been given a black eye to boot. All part of the learning process, I guess, and I promised to post it whatever happened, so here she is. Painted on Schut Terschelling HP 300 gsm, 23 x 21 cm. See next posting for the good news.

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