"Blue-throated Bee-eater"

"Blue-throated Bee-eater"

these little birds are really pretty, I have seen them in the wilds, but they are very difficult to photograph.you certainly have painted a very pretty picture. well done Seok

A really beautiful style Seok, your composition suits the bird beautifully.

Gorgeous Seok so fluent and with eloquence they eat bees do they amazing

What a beautiful painting Seok, loose yet under control, how wonderful it would be to have these flying around a garden.

This is so delicate. I love those watery splats of colour. Really beautiful

Beautifully done, Seok - must be lovely having such colourful birds in your garden.

That is Lovely Seok. I love the minimalistic way you've painted the blossom so as not to distract from that colourful bird.

This is so beautiful Seok. In our newspaper today there is a photo of some bee eaters, yellow throated, which have arrived in this country which is very rare apparently. There are seven of them and a bird charity is hoping they will settle at the site and hatch some chicks. The RSPB says that climate change is the reason for them being here. Bird watchers have rushed to the site in a quarry to see the birds from a viewing points which has been established to avoid disturbing their nesting.

Marvellous Seok!

Posted on Fri 07 Jul 16:59:05

So delicate, beautiful

Delightful bird and painting.

Beautifully painted little bird, do they really eat bees?

A very lovely picture, great

Beautiful lost and found edges and colour Seok.

It's been said already...beautiful painting!

Thanks so very much, everyone!

That's a fabulous watercolour Seok

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Small study of a Blue-throated Bee-eater spotted from our garden. Watercolor on Arches Cold-Pressed Paper.

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