Charles Elgood


Hello, thought it about time I introduced myself, as you can see my name is Charles but I prefer Chas, Adele my wife is the true artist between us. My informative years at school in art consisted of pots of red, blue and yellow paint made up from powder and water, the brush looked like it had been previously used to paint the Forth Rail Bridge. (More hairs on a gooseberry and I would have been better off using the gooseberry instead of the brush). I have had no formal art training and hope to pick up knowledge as I go along. Have not painted anything for a while now, so very rusty with what I did have under my belt. I have only finished five paintings all told - 4 water colours as per my gallery done some time ago at a local art society and had been forgotten about and an oil painting done whilst accompanying Adele to keep her company on a drawing course. This Adele insisted be hung on one of our walls. Oil is not a medium I felt happy with and asked for advice on content etc. hence appearing on Adele's forum.