View from the Woods ... A study from an original by Richard Thorn (Watercolour)

View from the Woods A Study

This has turned out beautifully and I really like all those greens, super painting Bob.

Very well painted Bob ☺️

A very accomplished painting Bob, an exhibition piece if I ever saw one!

Very good Bob, I can see the influence of Richard Thorn, who’s work I also admire.

A really nice composition and painting Bob, and I especially like those dashes of pink on the left, plus the light through the trees.

Superb work and beautifully painted Bob.

Lots of lovely greens in your painting.

Nicely done indeed.

This is beautiful Bob. A lovely light beyond the tree into the field and I like the foreground plants.

I don’t often comment on watercolours, not my thing usually. However I love this with its beautiful strong colouration and great tonal range. Excellent 🙂

Absolutely beautiful. I love everything about this!

I love everything about this! It's beautiful

Thank you everyone for your comments. I'm grateful for your encouragement. Bob

Great work! Love your greens.

Lovely colours you have captured the scene really well.

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With my caring duties, it's been a "Long Time" since I did a watercolour. One gets a bit rusty, so I started by doing a study of an original by my favourite artist Richard Thorn to see if I could still mix the colours that I saw in his painting. To get close, I used three colours that I don't normally use ( Cobalt Green, Cobalt Turquoise and Phthalo Green) the other colours used were my normal yellows reds blues and browns. To achieve the flower and leaf detail on the left, I needed to use gouache.

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I'm an amateur artist who started to paint in watercolours about 1990, when I found that the watercolours I admired in galleries were way beyond my price range. My thinking was that in time I might be able to produce paintings that I could hang on my wall at home, and be happy with. At the…

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