Ghost on the stairs


I like this bit of whimsy and very well drawn

Super drawing skills and great humour Robert.

Ha ha brilliant Robert, fantastic expressions and love the wispy ghost.

A very atmospheric drawing, Robert. It reminds me of a house I lived in long ago. Love the 'almost-not-there' ghost.

Love it, great drawing.


Great drawing and made me smile too

Unusual and very well drawn.

Thank you all, very much appreciated.

I’d really like to know more about the Ghost!

That is brilliant. I love the expression on their faces.

Thanks Chrissie and Denise, sorry about the long delay in replying, been two many problems the last few weeks. Chrissie, the ghost, it was at an old detached house we bought years ago, it had clearly not been loved. During our first few weeks there, a cold wind carrying a disgusting smell would sweep up the stairs and across the bedroom, a vase jumped up in the air and exploded and shadowy figures were glimpsed, quite a few strange things happened, not the least a goldfish, one of three, who simply vanished for six weeks then one day appeared swimming happily. After a while things altered, the house took on a friendly atmosphere and seemed to wrap itself around us in a protective way. Nevertheless nothing could persuade our dog nor the mother in laws terrier to venture upstairs!

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Whimsical doodle, reminiscent of the old house I once lived in, the ghost was friendly but scared the hell out of the dog. A4, Automatic pencil and Staedtler A4.

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