Train Spotting

Train Spotting

Well I think it&#39;s fine. A good piece from memory, you&#39;ve captured the scene very well. If you feel you need to change anything and I do mean &quot;if&quot; then maybe a little subtle detail/highlight on the bridge.<br />

To be honest, I couldn&#39;t work out at first where the children actually were until I read your interesting description. I&#39;d highlight the top edge of the bridge in any colour except red and continue it as a slightly broken curved line to the very edge of the painting. Also highlight the shapes on the actual bridge. The smoke is hiding the fact that it&#39;s a bridge the moment, I just can&#39;t see it . Just a thought and I do like it, the figures are very good.

Thank you Michael and Louise for your comments...Sorry I am late replying but on the old site I used to get an email telling me I had comments but apparently not from the new site? I think you have both hit the nail on the head, the bridge is the problem, as I remember it the parapet was iron, cast iron sections bolted together, perhaps if I show a little more of its construction? Either way I am going to have to work on making the bridge subtly more bridge like without making it obtrusive. Many thanks

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This is a study for a painting that I have had at the back of my mind for sometime, when I was a child we kids would watch the trains pass under the local bridge at night, this would be the image we would see for a second or two before the smoke billowed up over the parapet choking us. Its from memory and I am having some difficulty with it, the weight is all wrong, while all the action is towards the bottom. Needs a repaint I think.

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