The Unicorn pool

The Unicorn pool

Lovely oil painting Robert, it does indeed look like a magician place

I like the direction your going in. This is beautifully painted.

I just love your fantasy painting. Where would we be without the imagination of artists? I love the woodland and unicorns. Lovely work.

so wonderful. unicorns like waterfalls. I started to paint some in a waterfall, about 4 years ago.... it's still on the easel. So glad you got to finish yours and share it with us.

Love these fantasy paintings, seem to have missed these.

Wow, I love it. One day I too will get back in touch with my oils.

Hang on Studio Wall

Oil on canvas 20 x 16 The pool is actually in Dolgoch falls in west Wales, its a magical place so I imagined unicorns there.

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Robert Ward

Been painting and drawing in my spare time for fifty years give or take a year or two here and there and I did think retirement would give me more time to paint, how wrong can you be.

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