Childhood Memories

Childhood Memories

Lovely to see this highly unusual oil painting Robert, super that you have been able to capture this from a memory of some 60 years ago, great details

I'm as impressed with your memory as I am with the painting. fabulous.

Thank you very much for your comments, as for memory well I do tend to forget what I did yesterday but remember things from years ago, its an age thing (lol), however this painting is correct in it's structure but the details are probably widely inaccurate for instance the walls to either side may have been Bilston stone (similar to York stone) and not the clinker build that I have indicated and the 3 chimneys were almost certainly out of sight to the right but I placed them to balance the painting

Robert, this is wonderful. I'm so glad to see another painter online working on childhood memories and scenes because I enjoy painting from those 60 odd yrs ago visual memories from my childhood too.

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Oil on board 16 x 14. This was painted from a memory of some sixty odd years ago of a furnace that stood at the top of Millfields Road Bilston Westmidlands, memory being what it is I had to stretch the imagination a little . We kids used to love to watch the scrap car ascend up to the furnace mouth were the it tipped with a great rush and roar of flames and sparks, we also ferreted in the scrap for odd bits, the reason we were frequently sent packing.

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Robert Ward

Been painting and drawing in my spare time for fifty years give or take a year or two here and there and I did think retirement would give me more time to paint, how wrong can you be.

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