Gap of Dunloe 2

Gap of Dunloe 2

This is beautifully painted. The setting is outstanding. You colors are great, Robert.

Agree with Skylar, great colours and I love the detail in the rocks and trees in the forground.

Ouch! Hope your arm is better now. Love the subtle colours in this painting. I am not knowledgeable about oil painting, but this one comes over as very well painted and composed. The very darm shadow between the mountains gives a lovely glower to the scene, so typical of the area. The little tree looks so battered by the elements and you have conveyed this so well.

Ah! so that is what happened to you thought there was an absence of paintings recently. This painting is very well done I love the textures, colour and the atmosphere which together make a good strong painting.

Knew this was yours immediately Robert, it has your trademark. I particularly like the way you have given the foreground so much texture. As Skylar mentions the colours are excellent. Maybe the broken arm will help in the future! Just kidding. Broken mine twice terrible swollen with arthritis now. Hope yours is well on the mend. Lovely to see you back in the swing again.

Lots of varied textures, I like the thorny bush in the foreground balancing the shadow in the rear. Beautiful palette! Thank-you for all your suggestions on Male Life 2 for possible instruments to draw with, I hope I have the nerve to have a go...

Hi Robert, I also love the texture and colours in this painting. Did you paint the foregroung rocks with a knife? I'm right handed and many years ago suffered 5 breaks in my wrist due to an accident, so I know how Jeanette feels about aches and pains. Good luck with the recovery.

And I too hope your arm is healed, Robert. Great painting, admire the way you blend your glorious colours and achieve such strong atmosphere, with all the small detailed areas adding to the whole. PS; You might be able to avoid later arthritis in that arm if you got some good old 'nitbone' tablets, which I believe are available used to have to wrap broken bones in the plant's leaves when I was young...Our garden was full of the stuff!

Hallo all, many thanks for comments. Norman, I think I used a filbert for the foreground rocks, but it's quite possible I used a knife as well - I often do ... you'd think I'd remember, but I suppose the subsequent dramas drove it out of my head. Ruth, I shall look out for the tablets - I'm told that my present problem with the wrist is muscular rather than arthritic, but of course the anatomy of my forearm is different now to what it was, so some permanent changes are likely. Shan't be going out in the snow again.....

I think most of the others have said it already. I like the brooding atmosphere and sense of movement here in the foreground bushes. The lighting to me says that the weather is about to change, that strange brightness you get before the storm. the colours are spot on . What more to say other than well done Robert, and I hope that arm is not too painful.

Fine painting Robert, Looks like a storm could be brewing, You have certainly caught the visual effects that can be produced in the mountains. well done .JAMES

Love the detail in this,The colours are terrific.

Hello Robert, Thank you for your comments on my work. Coming from someone with an ability like yours, I consider it praise indeed. You style is just the ticket I aim for. Thanks again Regards, John

Thanks for dropping by my gallery with your constructive comments, which I agree with. Enjoyed looking at your excellent work too, this being a favourite. The Mountains are beautifully captured.

It looks as a finished painting Robert. I hope that your arm has fully recovered by now. Brilliant composition with the Robert hallmark!

Hi again Robert, you have been quiet lately, just seen your lovely comment on my latest pet pastel portrait the choccy Labrador 'Leon', really pleased you like him, I certainly do after all the positive feedback I have had from comments from this site and on the paintmyphoto site that the original photo for him is on, you can get an idea from my pastel of him how scrumptiously gorgeous he is in that photo, one look at his eyes and I rushed off to get my pastels to start work on him, thanks again for your comment, bye for now

Looks finished to me. It has a wonderful atmosphere and the colours work so well.

There's nothing easy about showing the colours to be found in the mountains. You have it on song Robert. Expressive brushwork as well, to boot. Grand work. Regards John

Hang on Studio Wall

The oil I was working on before I fell over and broke an arm; not sure I ever really finished it.

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