Guess who's coming to dinner? My Christmas card to POL

Guess who's coming to dinner?  My Christmas card to POL

Made me chuckle.........Merry Christmas.

Lovely, Robert. Merry Christmas to you, and thanks so much for your kind assistance.

This is lovely and very original, Robert. Merry Christmas to you too....

Thanks for your Christmas wishes Robert. I love your choir!!!! and the poem is lots of fun .... Keep warm and well.....and a Merry Christmas too.

Happy Christmas and Happy 2011, Robert. From me, a cross between a chuckle and an awwww, as their furry little faces look so earnest and cute!! Please have a piece of cheese and a drop of port, do!!

Oh this is soooo gorgeous! Brilliant little design.

Thank you Robert. Never mind copyright and copying or What is Good Art? - this is what it's all about.- giving pleasure to artist and viewer. Happy Christmas!

Terry, couldn't agree with you more. Thank you, and all who have commented.

Oh so this was yours? I saw it when in a rush and didn't even read the name. Aw bless, they are gorgeous. We clean up the crumbs as we scuttle about. It's the tastiest kitchen of that there's no doubt. From the cooker to the wall which is where we all fall; when we're full of his sherry and mince pies and all. Noel Noel, Noel Noel. For 4 little rats this is heaven not hell.

I hereby enrol you in the Painterly Poetry Society, of which I am President. Subscription optional, but you know where to send it. Robert Jones, PPPS

In that case I refer you to my doggy website; the poetry page. Written by my now 10 year old girl who is sitting by me.

Why Robert, you are full of surprises! Very cute. Happy Christmas!!

Awwh - Just my thing. To find a rattie asleep in one's sleeve is always a good thing!

Superb! Love the comedy of this imaginative piece. An unusual subject, but I happen to be very fond of these furry wee guys - the pet variety at least. Nice to see them portrayed in this way. Very cute painting!

Aha, wait till you see this year's card..... I'm afraid I've rather seized on the more negative ratty characteristics: but this awaits its unveiling. The pet rat is a wonderful animal - so are the wild ones, but I don't expect many people to agree with that; the domestic rat is, however, intelligent, curious, affectionate - the tragedy is that that they're prone to lung disease, partly due to intensive breeding. I can't keep them anymore, because I just get too upset by their tendency to fall victim to the mycoplasma virus. If anyone knows how to cure it -- let me know!

Just seen this one! Great, but the Poetry . . . . Fantastic! ! ! !

L.O.L. great poem to go with it too!. This is so cute.

Hang on Studio Wall

The First Little Rat, The Angels did say Was followed by Others Who all came to stay... They stayed and they stayed, They just would not leave; I found one this morning Asleep in my sleeve... Noel, Noel, Noel Noel, We're all in your Kitchen and doing quite well...

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