Fort Victoria park, revision

Fort Victoria Country Party Revision 2

I think this looks terrific. Very Nice, Robert. The rake looks fine to me. Sometimes, we might get a little too close to an image to be totally objective.

Undoubtedly a big improvement here, you’ve made some important changes. I think the shore line is too acute if I’m being honest… which I always try to be! Those trees are so damn good

The trees are very good and, yes, maybe the angle of sea and shoreline are too raked butit's still a lovely painting.

I like this, specially the trees and the foreground vegetation. The rake depends where you are looking from - and it isn't a place I know, so I'm guessing - but if you are looking down through the trees onto a concave sweep of beach, it works for me.

Definitely much better without the giant dog! It’s a lively punchy painting Robert.

I really like it, the colours are beautiful , the trees are so good too.!

The bird makes a good focal point Robert, and the painting has a sense of depth. No artist is satisfied with what they do, but that is a good thing.

Very tempted to reduce the angle of the beach - it wouldn't be hard.... Stop me, someone! Or alternatively, encourage me to go ahead. Thanks as always for your very helpful views - I like to try different things, and that means one will sometimes be uncertain that they've worked.

Big improvement Robert. Time to walk away!

I like how we are looking at the sea through the trees. Very effective work.

Go for it! You know it makes sense…

Much improved Robert. If you’re still not happy there’s only one real solution and that’s to try and fix it

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Well, here's the revision. I still don't like it - I think because of the rake of thee beach (partly) - might be better if it were horizontal?

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