Same wall, different perspective and palette

Same wall, different perspective and palette

The struggle paid off here Robert wonderful piece

Well, there's now't wrong with this Robert, ( being flippant and Northern). I've just been reading your blog about taking time out...I assume you've re started. It does have a different look from your usual work, tho' that's usually in oils. I like it, it is fresh and has a simplicity which is very attractive.

Looks as though the sun's just come out after the rain Robert. A lovely light to this one. Very nice!

Very clean and crisp, a very well put together watercolour Robert, some nice little passages of detail going on, but not over-worked.

.. and the rat .... Keep using up this paper please!

Beautiful clear greens, good movement in the tree and grasses.

This view of the tree gives it a tamer look Robert...a tree of two personalities.

This works really well, Robert. I don't know why you think you struggle with watercolour as if you can produce work like this in it, you have nothing to worry about. P.S. Spotted ratty.

Always recogniseable as a Robert Jones, and not just because of the rat.

Not sure where you struggle Robert. I actually prefer your struggling water coloure to your oil paintings. They have a lovely spontenaiety...

I love the palette, Robert, and the windy look to this - grasses and slant of the trees. Nice atmosphere on a fresh, sunny day.

Many thanks all: &quot;struggling&quot; .... one of the reasons why I&#39;ve been struggling was that I wasn&#39;t too good at stretching paper successfully, but seem now to have cracked that (looking forward to getting heavier paper in due course: it may well be a heavier weight Fabriano). And I have less control in watercolour than, especially, in acrylic - I&#39;m not at all sure that this is a bad thing, though; but as I started out by painting in oil, then in acrylic, watercolour presented certain challenges I&#39;d not encountered before. <br /><br />I think it may loosen my technique up a bit in the other media - which is certainly my hope. We shall see!

No struggle that I can see, Robert. It&#39;s a super piece - full of energy, clean and bright.

Well, I see that you overcame your struggle with watercolour Robert! This is a super, sunny scene.

Love your palette here Robert - it makes the painting.

Can feel the breeze and smell the sea in this one!

You should be really pleased with this one Robert - I love the clarity, the freshness and it&#39;s extremely well done.

Hang on Studio Wall

Quarter imperial again: this time I've stood back from the wall, and made a more or less complete change of palette. I struggle with watercolour, but - that's why I keep painting them. We can't make it too easy for ourselves....

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